13 Powerful Women in the Bible

There are a lot of powerful women in the Bible. Women who were instrumental in the plans and purposes of God in their generation. Through different ways and by several means, these women showed us what it means to be courageous, bold and ready to do whatever it takes, what is needed and what is right for God.

In their various ranks and estates in life, they stood out and today shine as blazing examples for other women and indeed men to follow. Let us mention some of the most remarkable in no particular order.

  1. Esther

We think that it is fitting that we start with a queen. A queen that by her strength and courage was able to deliver an entire nation from destruction. The story of Esther does not, however, start with her bravery, it starts with her obedience. Obedience to her uncle and her instructors, in the early days when she was competing with thousands to be the Queen. This Obedience landed her favour and in turn power.

Esther shows impeccable strength of character by not allowing power to get to her head, she obeyed her uncle even as queen. She displayed compassion for her people, faith in God and a readiness to die for her convictions. It is no wonder today, so many young ladies are named Esther in remembrance of such a powerful woman.

  1. Jochebed

Another brave and courageous woman who defied the law of the king for the love of her son. A boy who will later grow to become the deliverer of an entire nation from slavery and an intimate friend of God. Jochebed, the mother of Moses is a woman that exemplified a mother’s love and readiness to lay down her life for her children. Israel is forever grateful she did.

  1. Deborah

One of the powerful women in the Bible is Judge Deborah. A woman who displayed so much strength in character that a man of war was terrified to go to war without her. She ruled over a stubborn nation, but they all respected her voice. She was a judge and no one cried out injustice at her judgment.

women in the bible
powerful women
  1. Jael

In a time when men were failing and being cowards, yet God needed to save his people from oppressors, there was a woman who had the bravery and the courage, her name was Jael. She killed the oppressor of God’s people and delivered Israel from her enemies. This deed of Jael was so special that she was said to blessed among all women.

  1. Rahab

One of the powerful women in the Bible is Rahab. A prostitute who wasn’t an Israelite yet appeared in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. The reason for this is simple, Rahab dared to believe in a God she didn’t know and dared to help his people at a risk to her life, and Heaven took notice. Rahab is the tale of courage, strength, and belief in God. She is also a reminder that no matter how lowly you have gotten in life, God still has a plan and use for you. Rahab gives us hope.

  1. Ruth

Ruth! Oh, how we love Ruth. There are so many lessons that we can pick from Ruth. Faithfulness and commitment to those we love and who have been there for us, she displayed this with her decision to stay with Naomi. Hard work and industry is also demonstrated by this great woman and finally resolve to get what we want. She got Boaz and become instrumental in the lineage of Jesus.

Other Powerful Women in The Bible 

  1. Rebekah

Be good to all men and be kind to all those you encounter, you never know who you are entertaining in the process. That is exactly what Rebekah teaches us. A lady was good to a man she didn’t know and from there, she finds ls herself integral to the birthing of the nation of Israel.

women in the bible
Powerful women
  1. Mary

We can’t intend to mention powerful women in the Bible and skip the Mother of Jesus herself. Mary, a virgin who believed God’s word as delivered unto her by an angel. By this simple act of belief, she is established as the mother of the Savior, the vessel by which God was brought forth into the world of men.

  1. Tabitha

From Tabitha, we learn that we should live our lives to bless others. We should be full of good works such that men and women can always point to us as a source of hope and inspiration. Tabitha had this testimony about her and it stirred Peter to raise her from the dead.

  1. Priscilla

The great apostle Paul was aided in his ministry by this wonderful woman, Priscilla. Alongside her husband, they hosted Paul and helped to teach the people at Corinth the truth of God’s word. She also showed industry as the Bible records that she was a tentmaker.

  1. Mary Magdalene

If the was one woman who stuck around Jesus even into his death and burial, it was Mary Magdalene. After Jesus Delivered her from the demons that plagued him, she was close to the ministry of Jesus and was among the women who greatly aided the Ministry of Jesus. Furthermore, after the disciples ran, she was there through Jesus’ trial and she was the first to get the news of his resurrection.

  1. The Daughters of Zelophehad

Four remarkable ladies who were brave and confident enough to receive their inheritance, despite the odds. They stood before the entire conversation of Israel, before Moses and Eleazer and demanded the unusual. Their bravery and claims were recognized by God Himself and he instructed that their demands be granted.

  1. Sarah

The Mother of Faith. The wife of Abraham, who dared to follow him everywhere he went. Despite the hardships and all that Abraham went through, we find one constant by his side. God and Sarah. No wonder she was also blessed alongside her Husband and her name was also included among the heroes of faith.

women in the bible


Since forever, there have been powerful women in the Bible used as powerful tools in the kingdom of God. God has used them to raise men, destroy kingdoms, and propel his word in every nation. While there are many more powerful women that we can point to, here are just 13 of such women. Who did we miss? Please share with us