20 Easter Messages For Your Loved Ones

Easter is a very important time for Christians all over the world. With Easter messages, we can celebrate with one another, especially those that are close to us.

Easter messages serve as one of the several ways by which we can enjoy this special event with those we love.

We have therefore compiled 20 messages that you can send to your loved ones to lift their spirits and bring a smile to their face.

1.  May Christ who was raised from the dead bless you and all that is yours. I love you and I am praying for you

2. In this season of hope and love, I wish you a life filled with love and all the happiness and peace that comes with true love

3. Happy Easter, Today just like our Lord, shine bright and sparkle. May every aspect of your life experience the resurrection power

4. Easter represents a season of joy and triumph m may these be your experiences and your testimonies

Easter Messages

5. There are several gifts to give one we love, Jesus gave his life because he loved us. may you experience such love in all you do my dear.

6. Happy Easter, he is risen and so we can be sure that he will come back for us.

7. Rejoice beloved for today our salvation was completed, our redemption was secured, we were granted eternal life and now we have hope of being with that father forever.

8. Behold the tomb is empty and now christ sits at the right hand of the father and the holy spirit dwells inside of us.  Rejoice!

9. May this Easter bring love, light, and happiness to your family and your loved ones. May it endow you with more strength and help for all that you have to do  in life

10. Little one, may this easter grant you all your heart desires and bring you closer to God and his love for you.

More Easter Messages…

11. Have a blessed Easter Sunday. May God continue to keep you in peace and perfect health.

12. This season reminds us of love and sacrifice. May your life bloom with love and may your ways be paved with ease and peace.

13. Many blessings and celebrations follow you and yours this Easter. May you walk in the abundance of successes and excellence. I love you

14. Jesus Christ resurrected today and with that, he delivered us from the power of sin and death. Today, rejoice as this realization dawns in your spirit. Be strong and rejoice beloved.

15. Family is very important, today I celebrate you for your role in my life. May God keep you and guide you and all you love. Happy Easter.

16. Today we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. In this singular act we know that God is in love with us, is watching over us, is committed to us, and will never leave us or forsake us. Happy Easter beloved.

Easter Messages

17. Happy Easter, Jesus is alive. May he reveal himself to you more and more and may he bless all that is yours, and keep all that you do.

18.  May the promise of easter guard your heart with peace, may the sacrifice of Easter fill your heart with love, may the person of Jesus become even more real to you.

19. Happy Easter Sunday. Jesus left the grave and overcame, you will overcome all that besieges you and shout a shout of victory.

20. This easter I decide to remind you of two things; God’s love for you and my love for you, Happy Easter, you are loved.


Easter is a period of love, hope, sacrifice, and promise. With these messages, you can convey your love and strength to those that you love. Happy Easter!