50 inspiring Christian blog post ideas

Yes, we all go through the writer’s block phase. As Christian writers, you sometimes run out of blog post ideas. However, there remain a range of topics from which you could draw inspiration from.

Here we would be highlighting 50 Christian blog post ideas. We would briefly highlight the various ideas under different categories.

Christian Blog post ideasBlogging

Funny and ironic as it may sound, you can draw ideas for blog posts, on blogging. Here are some topics related to blogging that you can write on for a Christian blog.

  1. How to start a Christian blog.
  2. Tips for Christian bloggers.
  3. Top Christian blogs that affect your faith.
  4. A top Christian blog post that has helped you grow.
  5. 50 inspiring Christian blog post ideas.

The Bible

There is an almost endless supply of topics surrounding the topic bible. We would just list a few to inspire you to get on your blog and bring these ideas to life.

Christian Blog post ideas
God’s word is intelligence
  1. How you study the Bible
  2. Top 10 bible versions
  3. The history of the bible
  4. The bible, a guide to daily living
  5. Favourite bible study software
  6. How to memorize bible verses.
  7. Favourite bible characters
  8. Unpopular Bible names and their meanings
  9. Bible questions that seem difficult to ask
  10. The Bible and the Jewish religion.


When it comes to music, there are diverse genres and styles. Gospel music has gradually transcended beyond just church music, there are songs whose lyrics are so heart touching they could rank as pulpit messages in themselves.

Christian Blog post ideas

  1. Top gospel songs of the past year.
  2. Top gospel artist at the moment.
  3. Most inspiring songs of the last decade.
  4. Songs to lift your spirit.
  5. Promising gospel artist for the next decade.
  6. The evolution of gospel music overtime.
  7. An exposition on a gospel artist.
  8. The effect of music on the next generation.


The subject of books is quite as wide as that of music, if not wider. There is a range of topics to cover within this, they make for awesome blog posts.

  1. Top inspiring Christian books of the century.
  2. Books that have shaped the history of the Christian religion.
  3. Top books to help your spiritual growth.
  4. Top books that aid in the strengthening of your faith.
  5. Books that have impacted the lives of believers the most

Christian Blog post ideas

Social issues

There are a lot of societal issues that can be the subject topics for Christian blog posts. These topics can range from issues such as depression and how it affects the believer, temptations and their effects on natural disasters and the role of God here.

  1. How God helps in times of depression.
  2. Dealing with hard times.
  3. Why natural disasters?
  4. Ways of overcoming temptation.
  5. How to deal with Pride.
  6. Managing your income the right way.


Yes! God, the topics surrounding the entity of God should feature a lot as a source of inspiration for Christian blog posts. There are lots of topics attached to the theme of our maker; they could take the form of questions, statements, opinions, and a lot more. Topics here are quite inexhaustible

  1. God is love.
  2. Seeking out God.
  3. The names of God and their meanings.
  4. How to hear God’s voice.
  5. Is God really good? A case for natural disasters.
  6. How to hunger for God.
  7. Mercy, God’s gift for the believer.

There are a lot of topics to draw Christian blog post ideas from. The topics of faith, Mercy, Love, Christ Ministers of God just to mention a view. We would list some topics without particularly categorizing them.

  1. The faith of our fathers.
  2. How to groom unwavering faith.
  3. Christ the centre.
  4. The prophecies on Christ and their fulfilment.
  5. Christian relationships, is dating right?
  6. How to treat a lady, the godly way.
  7. How to handle a breakup.
  8. Men of faith have shaped the Christian religion.
  9. The greatest revivals of the Christian faith.


We have brought right to your screens quite a list of engaging ideas for Christian blog posts. The list of ideas here is quite limited, as each theme can be expanded to include a wider variety of topics. Always keep in mind your readers when writing. The most important element for a Christian blog to have in mind when making a post is how to bring Christ to your readers.