Christians and Masturbation: Sin or Enjoyment? What does the bible say | How to Handle It

Christians and masturbation: Many Christians (both genders) engage in masturbation. You don’t know, but it does not mean it’s doesn’t happen.

 About 74% and 48% of males and females between the ages of 14 and 18 would have engaged in the act of masturbation. This percentage does not exclude the Christian community.

Now, what should be the Christian perspective to the act of Masturbation? considering that there is no express biblical warning or verdict on the act.

What is Masturbation?

The word masturbation should not come off as a new word to many of the adult population, but for the sake of clarity, defines masturbation as the experience of sexual orgasm produced by self-stimulation.

Christians and masturbationThe definition is quite universal and encompassing as this same definition has been adopted by Dr. David B Hawkins in his blog post “Is masturbation a sin in Christianity?”

From the definition, there hardly seems to be anything wrong with the act of masturbation, and in a sense, it seems to be a way for those outside a relationship to seek sexual freedom without committing fornication or any other sexual sin.

Why then is there a contention on the issue, and why is the subject of Christians and  Masturbation a talk of note?

Science and Masturbation

Various researches have been conducted on the topic of masturbation and other sexual activities in the development of a normal person. The overwhelming evidence points to the fact that masturbation is neither harmful nor dangerous, and that it can be considered a normal phenomenon in the growth of a person.

It is more common in the development of male sexuality than that of the female, and both people in a relationship and singles engage in the act.

Rather, health scientists believe that there are more advantages to masturbating than earlier noted. These advantages include improved sexual relationships, relief from sexual tensions, and provision for an outlet for those who choose to abstain from sex till marriage.

The researches carried out have further debunked most myths associated with masturbation. The major forms of drawback attached to masturbation, is the guilt attached, either by religion or moral upbringing. Another is the tendency to get addicted and allow it to disrupt a person’s daily living routine.

Having examined masturbation from a scientific point of view, it would be easy to understand why many consider the act of masturbation not to be a sin, but rather a form of enjoyment, without necessarily having sex outright.

Christians and masturbation

Myths attached to Masturbation

  • Masturbation causes insanity – This myth has been debunked. Masturbation is in no way responsible for any form of insanity.
  • Impotence – like other myths concerning masturbation, no case of impotence can be traced to masturbation. This remains a myth and nothing else.
  • Curvature of the penis – this is purely a myth, and nothing of such is traceable to masturbation.
  • Blindness – According to the statistics earlier stated, nothing of such could have happened, if not a large number of Americans would be working the street blind.
  • Hair growth on the palms of your hands – This is also untrue and remains a myth. The possibility of hair growth on the hand due to excessive masturbation is quite impossible.
  • Infertility. – This is another rumor that has been carried along with the wave of Masturbation. Masturbation in no way causes infertility.

Christians and Masturbation: Is it a Sin to Explore Your Body?

From the above, the act of masturbation seems harmless. In a way, it even seems beneficial of some sort.

Examining the act of masturbation through the lenses of the bible would lead to understanding the underlying factor that surrounds the act. Most often than not, this underlying factor is lust.

What is that lust?  A good definition of lust would be to take something you desire and remove God and respect for others from the equation. It’s often associated with sexual desires but can be something you crave that excludes God and others.

Christians and masturbation

The truth behind masturbation: It involves the image of a person which becomes the object of the masturbator’s fantasy. Thus the person being lusted after becomes the object that grants the “high”.

In the words of Dr. David B Hawkins, “I cannot imagine sexual orgasm in the loins without a sexual image in the mind.”

Except in cases of nocturnal emissions, every other purposeful masturbation has lust at its root.

On Christians and Masturbation, a question we should ask ourselves is, ”Did Jesus at any point masturbate?” As much as we do not know the full account of his childhood or his growing years. One things we know is that, he had temptations. So we can easily infer that as a youth, Jesus would have had the normal temptations we have.

How do we know that Jesus did not conform to these temptations? The book of John explains it all.

“Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner” (John 5:19 NKJV).

Thus what Jesus did, he had seen his father do.

Handling Masturbation as Christians

Concluding that all lust is sin,and masturbation cannot occur without lust. It would be proper to connect these two threads, and conclude that masturbation is a sin. If a sin, what is the way out?

Here are six steps to help handle the temptation of masturbation and masturbation itself.

  1. Accept that it is a serious issue – Many Christians do not understand the negative effect of accepting masturbation as normal.  Due to the supposed scientific advantages, they sacrifice spiritual purity. Frequency in masturbating would invariably build a lust mindset for women.
  2. Keep going to God – God is unlimited in mercy, he has told us to forgive 77 times 7 times per day, and he would not go against his word. The truth about any problem is that the more you focus on God through Jesus, the lesser the problem becomes. Looking up to Jesus the author and finisher of our faithChristians and masturbation
  3. Keep the word of God in your heart – Your word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you. The truth about the word of God is that it is a living being, and it can act. The more you meditate on the word, the more effective it becomes for you.
  4. Open up to someone – Don’t bottle up your problems. This is a mistake so many make. Sharing your problem with someone trusted would help shed additional light on your struggles, as Christians, we should draw strength from one another. Iron sharpeneth Iron.
  5. Resist the devil, submit to God – submit to God in prayers, submit to god by listening for instructions. The word of God has assured us as Christians that if we resist the devils, he would flee. This is something we should put into practice, and not just leave at the word level.
  6. Dust yourself up and keep trying – Rome was not built in a day. No worthwhile endeavor happens overnight. When you fall, dust yourself up and retry, look to God for grace and strength. When this is done consistently, the spirit of trust in God would grow.

In conclusion

All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify (1 Corinthians 10:23).

This was Paul talking, and this should be the mindset of Christians on masturbation everywhere, every time.