Christmas with TGA

Christmas with TGA

In this season of giving, generosity and love, The Gospel Arena (TGA) has opened its arms to celebrate Christmas in a sensational way.

In sync with the old Christmas song, The 12 Days of Christmas, which is sung in accordance with the period in Christian theology that symbolizes the time between the birth of Christ and the coming of the Magi, the three wise men. We have decided to imbibe the old culture to cheer with our friends for 12 joyful days.

What it means to us

With over 1 billion people celebrating Christmas, we acknowledge Jesus as the reason for the season and also recognise the truth that God gave us the ultimate gift of sending his only son to die in our stead.

To us, Christmas means sharing ourselves with others. It means helping others in need by reviving the old traditions and being thankful for the gift of Jesus. Giving in this season reminds us of all that Jesus has sacrificed and done for us. Of course not to compare our deeds with God’s gift, but as joint heirs with Christ, we are walking in his step (love) to make this season enjoyable for 12 people.

What it means to you

In a world filled with greed, hurt, self-centeredness, and doubt we are encouraging people to look beyond themselves, their trials, their grief and heartache to do a kind deed to someone or people.

Partnering with some of the most selfless and benevolent entrepreneurs, who have sacrificed their time, money and profit to bring this project to light gives us hope that indeed, there are likeminded people who care about comforting others and sacrificing to make them happy.

From us at TGA and our astounding and kind partners we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blissful new year in advance.

Our partners:

Dazzania Catering, Leather Hub Ng, Trendy Footies, That Purple Dot Couture, BB Jewellery Store, Raccoon Apparel, Detola’s Trove, Madiva Scents, Soups and Stew Kitchen (SASK), Robe Factory, Akenosi Accessories, Luminous Ng, Beads by Celeb, Ogo’s Creations, Baked by El.

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Lloydkay Media, The Official ExtwooGraphics


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