7 Ways to Deal with Temptation

How to deal with temptation is perhaps one of the foremost things on every Christians mind. A Christian is enjoined to live a certain kind of life, and many times there are many ways to with temptation and urges to live outside this steadfast life.

It, therefore, becomes very important to understand how to deal with temptations such that they do not overpower the believer. We have highlighted 7 ways that will help any believer overcome the urge to sin.

1. Renew Your Mind

The Bible in Romans states that a man is transformed by the renewal of his mind and thus he is able to present his body as an acceptable sacrifice before God.

To renew the mind is to change the condition and thinking of the mind, such that the mind is submerged in thoughts of God and nothing else. Temptations have their root several times in the minds of individuals. Thus where a man has trained his mind to be responsive to the word of God, it becomes easier to kill any urge at the very root. It also reduces the urge to sin very substantially. Renewal of the mind ensures that the reflex of a believer is Godliness.

2. Prayer

Prayer is a another way to deal with temptation. The bible says in the book of James that the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous makes much power available. Also, we see Jesus spend so much time praying especially before his death in order to be able to do the will of the father.  This shows us that at the place of prayer, a belief gathers strength to effectively do the will of God and decline the wiles of the devil.

A man of prayer is a man in constant communication with God and it, therefore, makes it easier for sin to appear exceedingly ugly and sinful before his eyes. A consistent prayer habit is a sure way to live consistently and victoriously over sin.

Prayer: Deal with Temptation

3. Spend time in God’s Word

The Bible enjoins believers in several places to allow the word of Christ to dwell richly in them. The implication of this is very clear, where a believer is deeply rooted in the word, it becomes easier to deal with any form of temptation.

We see the scriptures when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness he overcame the devil through scriptures. This shows us a pattern that it is by the word of God that we battle the devil and establish our victory.

The importance of having the word of God dwell richly now becomes very clear; A man that is filled with the word of God will be adequately harmed to battle any wiles of the devil just like Jesus was.

4. Walk in the Spirit

In Galatians, the Bible is very clear about how not to fulfill the lust of the flesh. The bible says it that by walking in the spirit the lust of the flesh will be adequately dealt with. The important question then becomes how does a person walk in the spirit. The answer is also very simple.

To walk in the spirit is to be filled with the spirit and then pay attention to his instructions and directions. A believer that prays in the spirit consistently is bound to be filled with the spirit and thus gather information and instructions from the spirit that helps him to walk circumspectly in this present world.

Word: Deal with Temptation

Three More Ways To Deal With The Urge To Sin

5. Watch your Company

This is a very important way to deal with temptation. A man that will deal with sin successfully must pay attention to those that he keeps as friends. The bible makes it clear that iron sharpens iron and in that way does a man sharpen the countenance of his brother the bible also makes it clear that walking with the wise is a recipe for wisdom. In Ephesians, the bible also mentions that men have been given for the perfecting of the saints.

All this make it clear that a man that spends time in a company that serves as a source of temptation themselves will find himself often in sin. A man that on the other hand remains in a company that strengthen and encourage him in the way of the Lord will find sin easier to deal with.

Friends: Deal with Temptation

6. Be Careful of What You Take In

Another wise way to overcome sin is to ensure that what enters your soul are not things that will produce sinfulness in the long run. For example, the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the books you read, among other things must not be things that will encourage sin and allow your mind to be filled with thoughts that are not godly. Where a man ensures that the things he takes into his soul are godly, he will see that the resultant effect in his life will be a godly way of living.

7. Always be at alert

The Bible mentions severally that a believer ought to be alert and not ignorant of the devices of the enemy. This means that there is no room for complacency or overconfidence. At all tikes, the believer should make a practice of all the things mentioned above such that he is always on his guard. A believer that loses sight of these things becomes complacent with them will find himself in areas and regions that he did not expect and are dangerous for him.

In Conclusion

Sin has been defeated by Jesus and therefore it has no power over the believer in any way. The believer must always ensure that he remembers this at all times that there is an urge to sin, but there’s always a way to deal with temptation. It is not a battle so to speak between a believer and sin. It is the enforcement of the victory of Christ over the lies and whispers of the enemy.