10 Greatest Gospel Songs of all time

Music is a powerful force for change. Music can melt the hardest of hearts and harden the softest of hearts. Music is life

If random music can hold so much power, imagine songs filled with spiritual intent to edify God and build up the body of Christ.

Gospel songs are one of the many areas of music that Christians can benefit from. Several Gospel songs have been released over the years by different artists with different styles and methods of singing. We decided to take a look at all the gospel songs that have ever been released, sung, or performed, and then pick 10 of the greatest and best ones.

In no particular order here are 10 of the greatest gospel songs ever

1. Mahalia Jackson: ‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands’

Mahalia Jackson has been described as having one of the finest voices ever, in the history of gospel music. She did complete and sparkly justice to this joyous song from 1927. Her moving version even reached the 1958 Billboard charts. Jackson ensured that all the love and sure resident in this song was adequately demonstrated and seen.

2. Edwin Hawkins Singers: ‘Oh, Happy Day’

‘Oh Happy Day’ is a 1967 gospel arrangement of a hymn composed in the 18th Century. The version by Edwin Hawkins Singers was so popular that it reached No.4 on the US singles charts and  No.2 in Britain and Ireland. It was also  No.1 in France and Germany.

3. We Fall Down by Donnie McClurkin

This beauty was Written by Kyle Mathews written was made popular by Donnie. The song is a powerful song that instantly resonated with everyone, ranging from Christians to none Christians. The song made the Top 40 of Billboard’s R&B chart and had a total sales of over one million copies. The song was released in 2000.

4. Mercy Said No’ by Cece Winans

Cece Winans is an American gospel singer,  who has won a ton of awards, including ten Grammy Awards. CeCe is also the best-selling female gospel artist of all time. “Mercy said No” was released in 2003, and it instantly became a hit for its powerful message and vocals. At the time of its release, you could virtually not escape meeting someone playing it.

5. This is My Desire by Hillsong Music

Hillsong is always loved for the depth of their lyrical content., their sound resonates through the hearts of their massive fan base worldwide. This song was one of the songs that pushed them into massive limelight. This song set a standard for music to follow.

6. Take My Hand, Precious Lord- Jim Reeves

This song is a song with a lot of depth and one of the most famous songs from the popular Gospel Musician Jim Reeves. It is a song of commitment and strength to follow the Lord and trust him no matter the odds.

7. Break Every Chain- Tasha Cobbs

This was one of the most popular sounds released by Tasha Cobbs and mega-popular American based Gospel Musician. The song features on this list for its widespread popularity and its deeply resonating lyrics. This song is massively empowering.

8. Amazing Grace by John Newton

This enduring classic is a must-have amongst Christians all over the world. This song is so beautiful and heartfelt it serves both as a song of empowerment, soothing and comfort. John Newton’s version of this inspirational hymn remains one of the best selling versions ever.

9. Kirk Franklin: Wanna Be Happy

The Grammy-winning gospel musician, released this song in his album: Losing My Religion. The song is incredibly powerful and soul lifting. It features in virtually every list you will ever check. Such is its irrefutable brilliance.

10. Forever by Chris Tomlin

With lyrics as powerful and as poignant as those contained in this song, there is absolutely no doubt as to why these songs make the list. The fact that is also performed by one of the most famous names in the gospel music industry also helps its case.

Other Greatest Gospel Songs

Although, there are numerous spirit-filled and great Christian songs. We have decided on these 10 as our greatest gospel songs. Do you think we missed any? Share your opinion with us.