Hallelujah Challenge: How Nathaniel Bassey Changed the Utterance of Praise

The Hallelujah Challenge is a yearly vigil of praise and prayer organized by popular and revered gospel musician Nathaniel Bassey.

The event which started out with just over 100 followers has turned into an international phenomenon. What was merely an event for the fans of the gospel artiste, is now an event that even the secular world cannot do but peep into.

The Hallelujah Challenge has indeed accelerated and expanded the trajectory of Gospel Music in Nigeria to stunning heights and relevance. Many people claim miracles occurred in their lives and in the country as a result of the event but perhaps the event in itself should be dubbed a miracle.

Considering the mammoth following that the hallelujah challenge has gathered, we deem it fit to consider briefly what has happened in the event so far, and the testimonies recorded.  Starting from 2019.

Hallelujah Challenge
Nathaniel Bassey

Hallelujah Challenge 2019

The 2019 version of the event held from the 4th – 24th of the February. Just like all the ones before it. The hallelujah challenge contained prayers and praise. 2019, being an election year in Nigeria saw several prayers every night concerning elections and instructions to believers all over Nigeria to get their PVCs and ensure that they voted. Nathaniel Bassey also enjoined people to pray in the spirit for an hour every day before the event kicked off.

As always, the venue of the challenge was online and individuals could join into the live stream on Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram page. This is perhaps another reason why the event is so remarkable.

It takes a lot to gather over 100, 000 people every night to follow a gospel musician online, rather than the Grammy!

Hallelujah Challenge 2019 Testimony

One of the most remarkable things about the Hallelujah Challenge is the amazing testimonies that people gave as a result of the program. From Job employments, healing, to people getting baptized in the Holy Spirit for the first time. If we begin to mention all the testimonies that were reported by individuals, we will probably need another blog post entirely. We have however selected a few that we have found remarkable, as contained on the website 

From Seun Tola:
Glory to God. My God is alive. I was on an application for school when suddenly they just sent a message that the application had closed. I cried because I really wanted it. Then suddenly, this morning, someone just checked and told me it is up again….. this is just God”

An Anonymous User Posted: HERPES WAS HEALED

Good day sir…God is wonderful. He has done it for me ..last year November I noticed a hard seedlike lumps clustered whitish and very scary always it Jung me in between my thigh and vagina I was so scared cos I’m a pharmacist and that sight was like something viral, I went to meet a gynaecologist friend he screamed and said this is herpes I started crying in he’s office meanwhile I said no way God won’t let this happen to me, I also snapped it and sent to another doctor friend he said the same thing..my nights were shattered and I couldn’t sleep well…I took lots and lots of drugs nothing happened …I went to a friends lab did all d viral test plus herpes n wart I came out negative but this thug was still there, very itchy, white, in clusters and scary …oluwogboboro did it for me last years challenge and without drugs, it dried up…I couldn’t contend my happiness plus this God is too Good yesterday I cried all through the challenge cos I’m not worthy of He’s mercies…praise Jesus

Nathaniel Bassey
Source: Praizjamzblog.com

Hallelujah Challenge 2020

The Hallelujah Challenge 2020 held from the 1st of February till the 21st of February. Like always, it was explosive and filled with so many testimonies. If you joined in you can testify to that. The crowd that tuned in were as plenteous as ever and it merely goes to show that Nathaniel Bassey has really affected the Praise landscape in Nigeria

Would we Love Another Hallelujah?

Of course. I think every Christian would love to join the platform. If you have never participated in the Hallelujah Challenge, we ask you to look out for the next one and participate.