15 Signs You Have High Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence remains one of the most important tools for life and living for any individual. A man that has high spiritually intelligent is rich in a vital skill that ensures a happy and fulfilled life. We have therefore taken some time to point out certain features and signs that distinguish an individual who is spiritually intelligent

1. Joy

This is a trademark of the spiritually intelligent. They are filled with inner joy and brightness that comes from knowing God and knowing his plans. The spiritually intelligent are hardly depressed or worried about tomorrow and they have learnt to rejoice at all times and in all seasons.

15 Signs You Have High Spiritual Intelligence

2. Peace

Seen anybody with a deep sense of inner peace and calm? You most likely have seen a person with incredible spiritual intelligence. In a world filled with worries and troubles and several reasons to lose peace, only those who have mastery over the spirit dealings can maintain a deep sense of peace. This piece comes from an assurance of a right ending in all they do. This assurance comes from a deep sense of vision.

3. Vision

Vision and Foresight are not lacking in the spiritually intelligent, indeed it is one thing that stands them out. They have navigated the pathways of the spirit and have seen sure futures and how to get there. It is never guesswork with these ones, they know what they are to do and how to do it.

4. Direction

A man of vision is a man of direction. He is a man that knows where he is going and is not distracted by the paths trodden by several people but his own path. Today, so many people are distracted and feel pressured by what everybody is doing on social media. This births unnecessary competition and depression for many, especially youths. Those who have become spiritually intelligent are hardly fazed by all these. They move at their pace, in their path.

5. Speed

Speed in all their ways and paths. These men experience speed because they have mastered the art of obeying the spirit. This ensures that they are spirit enabled and spirit helped and of course spirit accelerated. These men are never delayed, they only wait because that is the best thing for that time.

15 Signs You Have High Spiritual Intelligence

6. Diligence

Yes, they are also very diligent people. They understand that diligence is necessary for success in all things. They are not lazy, they find our direction and vision by the sport then they get to work on it by the help of the spirit. You can measure go spiritually intelligent you are by how diligent you are.

7. Discipline

This seems very similar to diligence but the fundamental difference is that discipline birth consistency and consistency is a necessary ingredient for success or mastery of anything. Spiritually intelligent individuals are aware of this truth and as such have mastered the ability to discipline their flesh by the help of the spirit. A disciplined man is a spiritually intelligent man.

8. Honour and Respect for others

Men are the vehicle for help for other men. In life, we need other human beings and as such, it is wise to treat others well. A highly intelligent man (spiritually) ensures that he treats all men with respect and honour. He knows that he might need them later and as such he is careful to ensure that he respects their persons. If you see a rude man, who behaves very terribly to others, he has not gathered spiritual intelligence

9. Goodness

You can not be a man that has mastered listening to the spirit of God and not be full of goodness. You cannot have an intimate walk with God and be a terrible person to be around. It is impossible to be spiritually intelligent and be grossly lacking in the virtue of being good to all men.

15 Signs You Have High Spiritual Intelligence

10. Accuracy

A spiritually intelligent man does not guess his way through life. He is a man that accurately discerns people, opportunities and places. He functions in life with a sense of clarity and precision that will be very rare. Confusion is a phenomenon that he implies doesn’t experience in his life and in the life of all the related or close to him.

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11. Integrity

A spiritually intelligent man is a man that can be trusted. He is being a that values both his word and his name. He doesn’t make idle promises and when he makes a promise he does his best to. In the workplace, he does all his work well and to time.

12. Purposeful

if you have ever seen a man who walks around with a deep sense of purpose. you have probably seen a man with high spiritual intelligence. A man of purpose is a man that knows what exactly he came to do on earth and works definitively towards it.

13. Fulfilment

Fulfilment is a sense of satisfaction that comes from doing what you ought to do. It can only occur where there is vision, direction, purpose, foresight and success. All these traits that a spiritually intelligent man can lay claim to. This ensures that fulfilment will be a part of his living.

15 Signs You Have High Spiritual Intelligence

14. Favour

A spiritually intelligent man is an that is favoured on all sides. This comes from his understanding of people and by the help of the spirit of God.

15. Love for others

Scriptures make it very explicit that no man can claim spiritual intelligence and be devoid of love. He must demonstrate it to all men around his life, He must be a source of joy and brightness


There you have the signs to look out for in your life and that of others to determine if they’re spiritually intelligent. If any of this is lacking you can develop your mastery of the spirit more. This way you will see more expressions of these traits in your life