How to start a Christian Blog: Step by Step Guide for a Digital Christian

A Christian Blog is one of the best ways for believers to make money while disseminating the truths and teachings about the gospel to unbelievers.

In this digital age, blogs and social media handles serve as handy ways to ensure that the story and love of Jesus Christ reach all parts of the earth.

Starting a gospel blog or any blog at all is not difficult. However ensuring that the blog stays alive and grows in relevance and visibility require certain skills. The same thing applies to monetizing a blog.

Christian Blog

Starting Off Your Blog

There is no fixed way to kick off your blog but with the experience. We realize that this order is probably best for you and your business.

  1. Name your Blog: It is important that you take time out I think of what name to give your blog. You should put several things into consideration when you do this including how catchy the name sounds. Other things you might want to consider is what issues you particularly want to tackle with the blog. The naming also includes what you want the website to be named, e.g. In picking a name you should check online to him sure that such name or domain name is not already in use.
  2. Choose a blog builder: The next thing to check out is the software or program that you need to build your blog on. There are many great blog builders out there. WordPress is a popular one that is rather easy to access, navigate and understand.
  3. Pick a web host: After you choose your blog name and the blog builder you’ll use, you need to find a company that will host your blog on the internet and then serve it to people that will read it. These companies are those that are referred to Io as web hosts.
  4. Link your domain name to your blog. After going through both of the processes that have been listed above, the next thing is to link your domain name to the host. This is something that is very easy to do, especially where you got the domain name and the hosting plan from the same company. It should take you about five minutes fro this to happen or maybe longer if the domain name company is different from the web host company.
  5. Design Your Blog: After you have access to your blog, the next thing is to design it along with the pattern of how exactly you want it to be. There are several themes on the internet and word-press to get you started in the design of your blog.
  6. Be SEO and search engine conscious: Many Christian bloggers fall into this trap. They have beautiful and amazing write-ups but nobody sees them because they do not take time to ensure search engine optimization. This skill may be tricky to get at first, but like all things, with practice, it becomes much easier. Visibility is key in sustaining an online brand, especially a Christian own
Christian Blog

After you have done the basic things for getting a blog and you have made your first post, the next thing is how do you make money through your blog.

How to Make Money as a Christian Blogger

There are several ways to make money through your Christian blog but we will be making mention of just four ways, which are the most popular and perhaps most effective

  1. Offer Virtual Services: The internet is full of various freelance opportunities for Christian writers by Christian entities. If you are a great writer, advertise your skills on your blog and with increased visibility, someone could come knocking on your door
  2. Create and sell virtual products and resources: Don’t just create for creating sake. Check out the preferences of your audience and readers and create a digital product that will fit those needs. This is another very good way to monetize your blog.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Many new bloggers use this medium as the way to monetize their blog. However, while it is a good way, you must be careful about which products you market and how they are related to your readers and audience. It is because young bloggers do not  pay attention to this that they get very few incomes from affiliate marketing
  4. Ads: Goggle Ads, among many others, are ways of monetizing a blog. In this just like affiliate marketing, care must be taken in registering with any ad. In fact for Christian blogs, google ads might not be the best choice.

How to become a successful Christian Blogger

Just as we have said about all the other headings, we will not give you a rule that is not flexible or unchangeable, however, we will give you tips that you must surely incorporate into whatever system you use.  The tips for success as a blogger include:

  1. Content: You must ensure that your content is of the highest quality and that it is consistent. It is not enough that your page appears first on a google search, your content must be compelling enough to keep a reader after they have clicked your page. Attractive pictures, interesting topics, among others, form a good content 
  2. SEO Optimization:  Search Engine Optimization is indispensable when it comes to visibility, especially people outside of your network. You must master this yourself, or get an expert to help ensure that your blog is not lacking in this area.
  3. Prayer: Well, we believe in the power of prayer to help you be successful at whatever you lay your hands upon.
Christian Blog


Christian blogging is amazing, but you must also take time to carefully go learn the ropes to become an expert at it.

Hope this article has helped a digital Christian to be better?