Top 10 most Influential Christians in Nigeria

Some of the most influential Christians in Nigerians are also some of the most influential in the world. These  men are not just very influential in the Christian circle, but also in the nation at large.

They have political and economic influence, while some have a massive influence over the youths.

Here are 10 of the most influential Christians in Nigeria.

1. Pastor Adeboye

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Church of God is undoubtedly top of this list. The revered man of God is one of the citizens of the nation that is respected by virtually all circles, even those from other religions. He regularly is seen with presidents and past presidents of the nation and several governors attend his church and camp meetings.

The level of influence is such that the vice president of the country is his son in the Lord and on his birthday, The President of the Federal Republic took out time to send birthday wishes. Interestingly, he is a father to many other men that we will be naming on this list. That again goes to show his indisputable influence.

2. Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo is the founder of Winners Chapel, and he is a man with far reaching influence within and outside Nigeria. His influence extends to cover not just his numerous church members but several youths through covenant and land mark university. Oyedepo has led the country in prayers at the request of the presidency and just like Adeboye, he is not a stranger to politicians. The Bishop is also a prolific writer and by this has reached several houses and corners of the world.

Most influential Chiristians in NIgeria
Source: Dailypost

3. Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Pastor Kumuyi is one of the most Influential Christians in Nigeria. He has a church membership of over 3 million in Nigeria alone. This of course places him on the list of Christians who have enormous influence in the country.  Papa Kumuyi has he is popularly called his also no stranger the highest echelons of power in the nation. He has hosted the presidency in his church a couple of times and his also no stranger to the Aso Rock.

Pastor W.F Kumuyi like Pastor Adeboye has also earned the respect and admiration of non Christians and he is one of such men who have managed to bridge the denominational divide in the country. Virtually all denominations recognize him as a father in the Land.

4. Professor Yemi Osibanjo

We think that the reason for him making this list is quite clear. He is the Vice President of the country and he was a prominent pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church Of God. He is a man who has influence both politically and spiritually within the borders of Nigeria and outside the bounds of the country. Another remerkable thing about him is his closeness with some of the fathers of faith in Nigeria, including Pastor E.A Adeboye.

5. Sinach

She is the first woman on our list and the reason is clear, there is perhaps no other musician with the influence and reach of Sinach in Nigeria. Her songs are on the lips of virtually everyone, including unbelievers, and they are sang by almost every choir in the nation. Sinach has the capacity to sell out stadiums, as million trope to hear her sing, She attends Christ Embassy Church.

6. The President of CAN

Anybody that assumes this role is automatically bestowed with influence in the nation. The CAN president is the head of a body that serves as an umbrella body for all churches in Nigeria, including the likes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and the Winners Chapel. He also goes on to have connections to the presidency and to other religious organizations in the world.

The influence of the CAN President is such that, leaders like Pastor Adeboye constantly say that they are under the authority of CAN and all that they say or ask off him. The current president of CAN is Rev. Supo Ayokunle. This completes the Top 5 of our list.

Most Influential Christians in Nigeria

4 other Most Influential Christians in Nigeria:

7. Nathaniel Bassey

Another musician makes our Top 10 list, although he is also a pastor with the redeemed Christian Church of God. Nathaniel Bassey is a gospel singer who has several of his songs as household songs such as olowogbogboro, among others. He also regularly organizes the Hallelujah Challenge and it hosts thousands upon thousands of people. The remarkable thing about the challenge is that it is organized and prosecuted online. This goes to show an enormous following and consequently far reaching influence.

8. Pastor Poju Oyemade

Another of the most influential christians in Nigeria  is Pastor Poju. Pastor Poju is the founder of Covenant Christian Center which is based in Lagos. He is a man of God with so much influence that he is able to host political aspirants on his platforms for debates. He also organizes a conference yearly which attracts thousands upon thousands of people.  He also as so much influence with the youth and he is close to several of the fathers in the land.

Most influential Christians in NIgeria

9. Pastor Tunde Bakare

Another Pastor with great political influence in the nation is Tunde Bakare. He is a former vice presidential candidate with the current president and he is known for speaking vocally concerning issues in the country. Pastor Tunde is also known for his remarkable activism during the initial oil subsidy removal under the Jonathan regime when he led millions on protests against the policy.

10. Apostle Joshua Selman

This man, though a relatively young minister as a far reaching influence among the youths in the nation that we cannot ignore him. Joshua Selman is a man who has shown deep reverence for several of the names earlier mentioned and as ministered alongside some of them. He has preached on several platforms in the nation. Koinonia, a program that is organized by him is followed by millions all over the world. He is perhaps the most influential person with the youths that is on this list.


The most Influential Christians in Nigeria are strong standing believers. Christians who by their lives and teachings continue to influence and inspire the lives of millions all over the nation