Should Pastors acquire private jets?

There has been an unending debate over the last few years about whether it is morally right for pastors to acquire private jets. Many people have come out to criticize the Men of God who have private jets because they believe these men of God should not lust after worldly things as it is strictly preached against in the Bible. They are seen as being above the board and should not be cut out for worldly things as they are supposed to be men who should deny themselves the vanities of the world. Some people think the expensive lifestyles of these Pastors are in contrast with the teachings of Christianity, especially when the there is so much poverty in the country. Some have even come out boldly to say these men of God buy personal properties with the church’s money and that’s why majority of the members remains poor.
Some other Christians have come out to say there is absolutely nothing wrong with owning a jet since they are financially capable of buying one. A few days ago I made an online poll about it, 60% of my friends who were Christians didn’t mind at all saying it is only in Nigeria that we expect pastors to be poor and the remaining were adamant about how wrong it was, they made references to how Jesus chose to ride a donkey instead of a horse or a chariot.

­Looking deeply into the matter, you might ask, what do they need it for? Pastor E.A Adeboye who is the general overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God, who also has a private jet answered this by saying “When you have to oversee churches in 160 countries, you can’t do that on a bicycle”. Pastor Taiwo Odukoya of the Fountain of Life Church also claimed there was nothing wrong with men of God owning private jets as it guarantees their safety.
It is important to understand that Christ has said us to blossom in the riches of His glory, we are entitled. Real Christians are meant to be rich and wealthy. 2 Corinthians 8:9 says “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich”. It’s not bad to live right with money, spend the right way if you have, subtle poverty has blindfolded us believing golds and diamonds are not meant for Christians.
To be able to cure this menace, every individual must understand that when you begin to be a true Christian, poverty is no longer your associate. Those who question rich apostles, wealthy prophets and sometimes question their wealth should be disregarded. A true life in Christ is a wealthy one. 1 King 2:3 explains to us that if we keep the Lord’s ways, statutes and commandments, we shall prosper in all that we do and wherever we turn. We need to realize being wealthy is not a gift or a boon in disguise from the devil. Everyone deserves to live to their fullest regardless of whatever position they hold.