Opoeky: The Name Speaks for Itself

Opoeky: /opo-eki/ noun – The perfect food market for best quality items at fairest prices. Most superior quality delivered in super-abundant quantity.

A name is the strongest link a person or thing can have with their identity and make-up. It is the same with organizations. A name is not just an empty word: it goes to reflect and reveal an organization’s unique features and the values they really commit to.

The name “Opoeky” speaks of the grandest benefits everyone wants in a food market. It is a Yoruba word that loosely translates to “plenteous to the point of overflow”. The first syllable “Opo” means plenty, while “eki” means thrusting so you can fill more. In other words, buy foodstuffs from us is equivalent to a market where you fill your sack, then press it down to create space in the sack for some more.

Our food market offers you the best quality of any food items – whether raw or cooked specially for you – at prices you can’t find anywhere else. Where else, for instance, can one get up 5kg of freshly-frozen whole chickens for less than 6,000 naira? Sounds impossible, right?

You get your favourite fruits, fresh from farm, in large sizes and measures at unbelievably ridiculous prices. Our quality soups are prepared under perfect hygiene processes and still arrive to your doorstep freely at best prices. And that’s an additional benefit: you get all these incredible offerings freely delivered at your doorstep.

Opoeky is your perfect “good measure, pressed down, shaken together” kind of food market. We want you to get much more than enough value for your money, regardless of how much or little the purchase.

Get your food items today. Call 08094709574, 08094709575. Or send an email to customercare@opoeky.com

Soladoye Alaba

Soladoye loves stories - telling them and listening to them. She tells stories about brands, people, God and the not so cool things about life. Let's connect @official_doye and tell more stories together.