It took a while before I understood the concept behind PDA which means Public Display of Affection, naturally as a Nigerian, when I see a couple kissing or showing too much affection in public, I just roll my eyes and turn away in annoyance.

In Nigeria, public display of affection isn’t something you can easily do especially in Lagos or a state like Ilorin. It is known that in our country people don’t mind their business, so imagine a couple at a BRT stand, kissing and hugging, everyone will stop to look, some would even dare to give you “advice” and most would give you dirty looks.

An average Nigerian wouldn’t be into public display of affection especially the older ones, the most they would do is wear matching Ankara and that’s all, every other display of attention is saved for later.

Engaging in PDA with your SO isn’t a bad thing, but I’ll think twice before doing it in a church, I’ve seen some couples sit so far apart from each other that you would wonder if they actually came together, in fact, some don’t but at times you go to church and you see a couple who can barely keep their hands off each other, is this right?

PDA in the church would undoubtedly bring about a distraction, you take a moment to look and like that focus is lost and the funny thing is your mind keeps going back there on its own accord especially if the sermon is a bit boring. Church service is for worshiping God, holding hands while praying or singing to God is great, putting your arm over her shoulder or his lap during sermon is equally great, anything outside that would draw unnecessary attention hence causing a distraction for everyone and even for themselves.

Truthfully, you really have no business kissing or showing too much affection in church, you can always do that outside the church. In fact, I believe that the only kissing that should be done in the church is when a pastor says “You may kiss your bride”. We all know you love each other, let’s all respect one another and leave it at that.