The Purpose of your Blessings.

Many a time when we pray we ask God for blessings, we repeatedly ask God to bless us without fully understanding what it truly means to be blessed. So, what does God’s blessing truly mean? Blessing means different things to different people depending on their perspective. Some people think blessing means being very rich, buying cars and building houses. Some think it’s having everything you want at the tip of your fingers but being blessed means much more in the Bible.

The first time the word “blessed” came up in the Bible was in Genesis 1 vs 22 which says “And God blessed them, saying “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas and let birds multiply on the earth”

It wasn’t even directed to man which means even animals are blessed and being blessed is more than being rich. In verse 28, God blessed man for the first time, when you’re blessed as a man it means you’re fruitful. It means you have control over everything God has created, means you fill the earth and subdue it.


A blessed man can also be said to be a man who is obedient to God, a man who walks in the counsel of the godly. Psalms 1 vs 1-3 and Psalms 119 vs 1-3 tells us about who a blessed man is and what he does.

Now blessings aren’t only about what you can give to God, it’s also about what you can get from God.

In Psalm 103, David talked about blessing the Lord, in this context it means praising and exalting God.

Generally, we think to be blessed means to be successful, yes it means success but not in the monetary context. So if success doesn’t mean being rich, what does it mean? A man is considered successful if he has fulfilled the purpose, it is very unhealthy to compare yourself with others. As our purpose is different so is the purpose of every man. Finding and fulfilling purpose is the reason God made man and without this true happiness eludes that man. This explains why a man you think is blessed because he has money still wouldn’t be happy. So the next you pray to God for blessings, do not have only material things in mind. God wouldn’t give you what money can buy, He gives you purpose and every other thing you need is embedded in that.