Savage trap Queen: The Repentance of a Famous Porn Star

Stories of forgiveness, repentance and restoration are not hard to come by. There are various stories of people who have turned towards Christ. One of which is the famous porn star music stars, Savage Trap Queen .

The story of Savage Trap Queen is quite unique. She came back from an industry that has a lot of public shame attached to it especially in the Nigerian clime. This takes a whole lot of courage.

The pornography industry is one that grosses an obscene amount of money worldwide and has a rapid growth rate. Savage trap queen broke from this industry and sought back redemption from God.

Savage Trap Queen: Her Story

Savage Trap Queen was born Joy Delphina and was raised by a loving family. She is the third in a catholic family of three daughters. According to her account on TVC and her interview with Online Media Personality, DaddyFreeze, she received love from her family, and never really lacked any form of care as a child. She got into pornography and the porn industry out of curiosity.

Savage Trap Queen was lured into the adult movie industry by a friend when she was 22. Joy stated that she was very interested in reality TV shows, thus, when her friend invited her for an audition for a reality show, she was all too eager to participate in it. Little did she know that she would be starting a journey doomed for regret and pain.

Savage trap QueenUnfortunately, what was meant to be a reality TV show turned out to be a pornography movie tryout.  Prior to this occurrence, Savage Trap Queen had suffered heartbreaks from the hands of more than one suitor. She lost her virginity to her first boyfriend who drugged her and raped. After this event, her value for her sexuality dropped.

Savage trap queen ended up given in to peer pressure at the adult movie audition. The audition was unpaid, and her career in the adult industry took off. With time she became a favourite and was envied by other porn actresses including the friend who introduced her to the industry.

In her interview with Daddy Freeze, she pointed out that the said director of the adult movie was the only man involved in the whole production process. He was both the male actor, the director, the video editor and was in charge of every other process in the making of each adult movie. (You can watch her interview with Daddy Freeze below)

Her Rift and Eventual Salvation

Savage Trap Queen stated that for each movie, each actress is paid N80,000 for a masked performance, and N100,000 to show their faces in the movies. She further stated that she started out masked until she decided that there was no need to hide anymore.

”All the glamorous life attached to being an adult film actress is all unreal”. Savage Trap Queen states in her interview. She confessed that her former manager owed her about N300,000. He also began to maltreat her, and it was at that point she began to rethink her actions and sought a way out.

When she had her first interview with the BBC, she had signs of bruises on her face and was still active in the industry. Her interviews with TVC and later Daddy Freeze marked  her exit from the industry.

Savage trap Queen
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Like every reasonable Christian parent would react, her parents were heartbroken by her decision. Her sisters were sad, and a lot of her friend cut their ties with her. Her parents though showed her love and support. They were there every step of her recovery. The friend who had introduced her to the industry and invariably to the world apologized to her later.

Savage Trap Queen stated that she has been receiving emails and text messages from various sources. Some either condemning her, vilifying her actions, or encourage her newfound life. The new convert stated that she gets requests from people who ask for access into the industry, or claiming she as an adult film actress was their role model.

When asked by one of the anchors at the TVC interview if she would allow her daughter to get into the adult industry? Savage Trap Queen Replied in the negative.

Savage Trap Queen is now converted, and she is on the straight and narrow. She stated that after she quit the industry and went public with her truth, temptations to get back into the industry came. She had offered as high as N500,000 – 1 000, 000 by foreign sites for her to act in their adult movies.

To this day, Savage Trap Queen has condemned the act and has shown her regret walking that path.

Who’s Savage Trap Queen Now?

Savage Trap Queen currently sells beauty products, and she remains a student at an undisclosed university. She has kept clean so far and plans to make an honest living for herself. She has stated that she is not fully ready for a relationship yet. She is a student, and she has stated her love for education over and over again.

Savage Trap Queen

5 facts You Might not Know about Savage Trap Queen

  1. She wanted to be a Nun at some point her life.
  2. She loves trap music. Hence the name, “Savage Trap Queen”.
  3. She was the second runner up at a beauty pageant but was cheated off her prize due to her adult movie career.
  4. She is almost on a second class upper in her University.
  5. She is actually smart, expressive, and very confident.

What Can We Learn From Savage Trap Queen’s Story?

Anyone can change. Even the vilest of offenders who truly repents can obtain mercy. She was deceived by her friend, this should help us question who we keep as friends. Also, the glitter and gold portrayed by people in this industry are all fake, and many of them are secretly lamenting over their choice.

Her story also shows the dark underbelly of the Nigerian movie industry. A good amount of the public don’t even know that there was an adult movie industry in Nigeria.

As believers, there should be an attitude of acceptance towards one who was once lost and has returned back to God. We are not to ignore the parable of the prodigal son, and our acceptance should be accompanied with encouragement.

Watch Her Interview with Daddy Freeze Below: