“Praise God church! Halleluyah somebody. The hour we’ve been waiting for is here. Tell your neighbour- get set! Shall we open our Instagram live feed as we connect with the set man of this great commission”

That’s church service routine in 202…(fill the gap)
It is no hidden fact that we are now in the Computer Age where everything, or almost, is just a click away. Right from the comfort of our cushions or the beautiful setting of the convenience, we can be all over the world without taking a step.

Like, Share via .., Tweet, Retweet, Pin this is the order of the day.
Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp are the most popular social media platforms. (which would you arrange as the most most common?)
Telecommunication has helped a great deal in reaching out to a large number of people across the world all at once, and day after day, there’s an innovation or new invention that outstandingly waows than previous existing techniques. Well! The Jet age is a fast one.
In the midst of all these advantages that we are applauding and thumbing up, lies also the bad side of social media use.
Savagery is number one! (There’s a popular platform that comes to mind first when mentioning this. If you know, you know). People calling out one another in the name of stunt or differences being settled online just after a crossfire of mean words or implicating pictures (na wa o!). The fear of posting grips One so often that you tend to check your write up, if not more than once, before you click on upload.
What is bringing so many likes to some, is same that is causing the depression state of others. There are two sides to a coin as always.
As Christians, we can’t avoid the use of social media neither can we say it is not helpful as regards the publicity of programmes. Right?
So, to the body of Christ, will you rather say social media is a plus or a minus? You decide