Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence sounds like a very sophisticated phrase, right? At the mention of this phrase, the next logical question that comes to mind is, ”what exactly is spiritual intelligence, and how can it be acquired?’‘ This post serves to answer all these questions.

There are several possible definitions for spiritual intelligence, many scientist and psychologist have attempted to define spiritual intelligence. One definition that we particularly love is the definition given by Robert Emmons thus:

‘The adaptive use of spiritual information to facilitate everyday problem solving and goal attainment’

This definition encapsulates our meaning and discussion of spiritual intelligence as it relates to the believer. A man has spiritual intelligence when he is able to maximize the resources of the Holy Spirit at work in him. This means that to be spiritually intelligent is to be knowledgeable and wise in the ways of the spirit, and how this knowledge can affect your everyday life.

Spiritual Intelligence

How to Develop Spiritual Intelligence

To put this question in simple terms is: ”How does a believer gain mastery over spiritual activities and dealings?” The answer to this question can be found in the instruction manual of all Believers- the Bible.

The Bible relates how a believer can build himself up, such that he is very much in tune with the Spirit and His dealings. These methods include.

1. Study and Meditation on God’s word

The link between the Spirit of God and the Word of God is deeply interwoven such that any man that will gain mastery in Spiritual Intelligence must spend time with the Word of God. Scriptures say very expressly that we all should be rooted and grounded in God’s word so that we have stability. Furthermore, the word of God is full of so much practical wisdom which ensures that Individuals are able to act wisely and circumspectly at all times. A man that meditates repetitively on scriptures will be full of so much of the wisdom of the Bible. With this, we develop a very definite feature of Spiritual intelligence- Wisdom.

2. Prayer

Prayer has been defined rightly as a medium of communicating with God and hearing back from him. The Bible in John says that God is Spirit. The implication of both statements is that prayer is a direct link to the spirit where God exists. It means that by Prayer we cultivate the habit and feature of interaction with the Spirit Realm. To gain mastery in anything, constant interaction with it is very important. The same applies to prayer and its relationship with spiritual intelligence. Constant prayer ensures constant interaction with the Spirit realm and this means mastery and familiarity with this realm.

3. Being around other believers

This is another key to developing spiritual intelligence. The law of association states that people are often a reflection of the company of people that they keep around themselves. The same applies to spiritual intelligence, you must ensure that your company of people are those that will help you grow and gain mastery in spiritual things. Apart from the Law of association, the scriptures also state quite expressly that believers should not neglect the gathering of one another, especially as the day of the appearing of Jesus gets nearer.

Spiritual Intelligence
God’s word is intelligence

Importance of Spiritual intelligence

The benefits of Spiritual Intelligence cannot be overemphasized in the life of any individual. Where a person has mastered and learnt the ways of the spirit and how to apply these to practical life issues, certain remarkable features become a defining part of the person.

One Importance of Spiritual Intelligence is direction and clarity. In this world where there is so much confusion on what to do and how to live, it is definitely an advantage to be clear on where to go and how to go. The Spirit of God leads the Sons of God where to go and what to do per time.

Another importance of Spiritual Intelligence is Vision and Foresight. Scriptures make it clear that God knows the beginning from the end. This means that a person in tune with God and the Spirit of God would not be caught off guard by a lot of things in life. Spiritual intelligence ensures that we are able to discern the times and seasons and are able to make the best decisions in line with this. A person who is spiritually intelligent, will, for instance, be able to foresee upcoming policies of the government or organization that should affect decisions

The final importance that would be discussed is wisdom. Spiritual intelligence necessarily means that an individual would be wise when it comes to life issues. The reason for this is simple. Everything in the physical is controlled by the spiritual, thus, where a person has mastered the spiritual he is in control of his physical.

Pray Always

Dimensions of Spiritual Intelligence 

 There are diverse dimensions when it comes to spiritual intelligence, and accessing them depends on mastery. The dimensions available by the Spirit of God are limitless and cannot be quantified. One thing is certain, the longer time a person spends cultivating this intelligence, the more dimensions are available to him. Some of the dimensions that are known from scriptures include Foreknowledge and Wisdom

In Conclusion 

Spiritual intelligence is a faculty that every individual, particulars every believer should cultivate. The advantages available in the cultivation of this are limitless and marvellous.