Love: The Attributes of Love

Love is one of the most discussed topics in the world today. It is a topic that is promoted by all but many do not know the attributes of love.

The entertainment industry has written about it in all forms of literature and talked about in virtually all religions. The concept of Love means different things to different people but is an essential part of being a human being and in human communication and interactions. There have been several categorizations for love given by different people and at different times.

Some attributes of love

The most common categorization is the division of love into Philae, Erotic and Agape. Philae refers to love relationships that exist between friends and perhaps family members, it is a none sexual kind of love. Erotic Love relates to love and sex, it is a love that exists among sexual partners and it is closely related and interconnected with romance. Agape Love is supposed to be the highest kind of love or the God kind of Love. The fact that there is so much discussion of love between people and among people makes it clear that humanity as a whole is deeply interested and entwined with Love.
This discussion of love does not exclude believers or Christian, in fact, it is an injunction from Jesus Christ all through scriptures that we love fellow believers and the entire world at large. The Bible goes further to say the God is Love and a person that loves does not know God. These all point to the fact that Love is indeed a big deal in the Kingdom of God. We have therefore decided to see the definition of love and its attributes as contained in scriptures:

The Bible; The ultimate love book
Love and God’s word

1. Love is Patient

The Bible lists patience as a very important attribute of Love and this makes perfect sense. It is difficult to exclaim or declare that you love a person and be unable to be patient with such a person, to accept their flaws and be ready to forgive them and see them grow. Love is never in a hurry, it is always patient.

2. Love is Kind

Kindness is a by-product of love and a defining attribute of its presence. Love is kind-hearted and tender, quick to help and ready to help lift the burdens and pains that could be present in another person. Jesus Christ demonstrates this attribute several times in the gospels and ultimately in his dying for us. It takes kindness and love to die for anybody.

3. Love Isn’t envious

Envy and Love are two opposites of each other. A man cannot love a person and be envious of that person at the same time. This is because love is full of goodness and kindness, and such love cheers and rejoices when a person succeeds, not envious or bitter. If you have a spouse, sister or brother that is envious of you, he or she probably doesn’t understand the attributes of Love and needs to learn it.

4. Love is not boastful or proud

Another rather interesting attribute of love as defined in scriptures is that love is not high minded as to be proud or boastful. What the Bible is communicating is that if you ever find a person that is boastful or full of pride and arrogance, such a person is most likely not a person full of love. The reason for this is simple, a person that is boastful is self-concerned and self-absorbed and such a person will find it difficult to commit time and emotions in another individual

5. Love protects

This is perhaps one of the most self-evident attributes of love. It is seen in nature, it is seen in mothers and their children. Love inspires in people a feeling to be protective over whatever is the object of their love. Since love is an emotional investment, it is also emotional intelligence, as seen from scriptures to protect such investment. God demonstrates this attribute all through scriptures in protecting all those that he loved.

Some attributes of love
Love lives everywhere

6. Love does not keep records of wrong

Another attribute of love as defined in scriptures is that love never keeps a record of the wrongs of the object of itself. A person cannot claim to love and then find it impossible or perhaps difficult to overlook the faults of the person that he loves. The very nature of love is that we are eager to overlook faults and forget wrongs all that love is preserved. Where a person keeps a record of wrongs to haunt a person he claims he loves, it is clear that he has not learned to love properly, or that he does not know how to love at all.

7. Love does not delight in evil

This is an important one for believers and it is probably one distinction between the love that originates from God and that which is discussed in the world today. The world allows for a lot of things in its definition of love that makes it clear that this love delights in things that are wrong by Biblical Standards. It, therefore, means that it is not a love based in the Bible. Hence for Christians who deal with love, it is clear that whatever is wrong or evil should not excite love.

8. Love is Hopeful and Trusting

The final attributes that we will discuss in this post are hope and trust. God states that to know if a thing is love such thing must be full of hope and not pessimism and it list be ready to trust and not be filled with distrust and suspicions. Where love dwells, be it in a family, among friends or in a relationship between spouses, trust is supposed to dwell side by side. The reason for this is simple to discern, love thrives in an environment where trust and positivity light the way.

Attributes of Love
Let us spell love

Other Attributes of Love Include.

Love is not rude, Love is not easily angered, love always preserves, love never fails, love rejoices in the truth.

There you have it, some attributes of love to check in yourself and in your relationship. Remember, these things can be consciously learned and put into practice.