Who is the founder of Christianity: Paul or Jesus?

The question of ”who the founder of Christianity is” is a very interesting . There are several arguments on the notion. Some stating that Christianity was founded by Jesus, others giving the credit to Paul and another set giving the credit to Peter.

Funny enough, if we take a look at scripture, which is the manual and foundation for the Christian Faith, we find out that we can’t conclusively point to a founder of Christianity. However, we will take a look at the lives of both Jesus and Paul and see if perhaps one can lay claim to being the founder of Christianity.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He’s also the Word that came down to live as a human to save the world from sin. Thousands of years before the birth of Jesus, many prophecies told of his coming, his death and resurrection. These prophecies also spoke of the significance of all these to mankind.

Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary, who conceived under the power of the Holy Ghost after an angel appeared to her. Jesus Christ lived on the earth for 33years and those years are properly documented in history.

Jesus was a popular man in His time on earth. He was prominent because of the numerous and extraordinary miracles he performed. He had thousands of people who followed him and listened to his teachings regularly. However, he had 12 disciples who knew him more intimately than anyone else and who followed him wherever he went.

Jesus Christ was not loved by the Jewish authorities and religious leaders of his day. These men detested him for several reasons. The major and primary one was that he called himself the Son of God. They saw this has blasphemy, insisting that God had no children and as such he could not have a son.

Another reason for their hatred was because Jesus consistently spoke against them and their practices and several, he disregarded the Law of Moses. The fact that Jesus also claimed severally to be greater than Moses did not help matters. All these hatred ensured that there were numerous attempts to arrest Jesus, which failed because of his popularity and the fact that the people loved him.

Founder of Christianity
Painting of Jesus

Jesus was eventually arrested when one of his disciples betrayed him and handed him over to the authorities in the dead of the night. Jesus was tried by both the Jewish and Roman authorities, and because of the insistence of the people who had been bought over by the religious leaders, Jesus was sentenced to death by crucifixion.

Jesus was killed but after three days he arose and this was in order that scriptures and prophecies would be fulfilled. When he resurrected, he appeared to his disciples and charged them to cover the nations with the preaching of him and all that he accomplished by his death burial and resurrection.

Founder of Christianity: The Contribution of Jesus to Christianity

Jesus Christ is the reason why there is Christianity, the very religion is named after him and it was first used when men saw how his disciples behaved after his resurrection and ascension. They saw that they behaved like Christ and called them Christians, that is, Chr

Founder of Christianity

ist-like. The core beliefs of Christianity revolve around the person of Jesus. In fact, the whole Bible speaks of him.

It is by his death and resurrection that salvation came to man. It is by him that we have justification, the forgiveness of sins and all. In fact, today, Christians pray to know and grow in the revelation of Jesus more and more and this is the primary thing about Christianity.

It is on these grounds that people say that Jesus founded Christianity.  The reason why that conclusion will be faulty is that Jesus never used that word not did he even lay claim to starting a religion. All he did was earnestly ask his disciples to see that men are saved. On these grounds, while he is the essence of Christianity, as a religion, Christianity was not founded by him.

Who is Paul?

Apostle Paul is one of the most influential men as far as Christianity is concerned and many feel that he contributed more to all that we know be Christian truths than anybody else, even Jesus. Paul was both a Jew and a Roman citizen who was a teacher of the law and a very skilled one at that.

He believed in the Law of Moses with all his heart and zeal and as such he hated Jesus Christ and all that followed him. However, on his way to persecute some more followers of Christ, he had an encounter with the ascended Christ and he believed in him and soon became a love of Jesus Christ and one of his most ardent followers.

Paul after conversion, isolated himself for a while and during this period, he received several revelations and insights into Jesus’ life death and burial. He soon became off on the most prominent apostles, teaching the word of God all over the world, please among the gentiles or non-Jews.

Paul wrote several letters to the numerous churches he established. Another thing about Paul was the numerous persecutions he went through and how that he never denied God not complained but only held fast even unto the end.

Founder of Christianity: What is the contribution of Paul to Christianity?

Paul has the most books in scriptures and he is the one that majorly explains what we have in Jesus and what Jesus did. Without the writings of Paul, it would have been difficult to point out the key things about the Christian faith. While the Bible is about Jesus Christ, nobody explained Jesus Christ and his ministry like Paul.

Also, the propagation of the Gospel to the ends of the earth was majorly driven by Paul who traveled far and wide to see that Jesus was made known. However, like Jesus, Paul did not make use of the word Christianity or did he at any point state that what he preached was a religion for a sect of people. Like Jesus, he had a whole world approach to the matter.

Founder of Christianity
Paul and Jesus


Both Paul and Jesus are remarkably influential to the faith. However, none can expressly be said to be founder of Christianity. Both lived exemplary lives. Jesus gave His life for us all. So, we might be closer to the father. Paul gave his life for the propagation of what Jesus has started.

I greatly believe that both should not be compared. Because each of them work in a different plan, and had different purpose.