The Role of the Husband: 5 Things The Bible Says A Husband Should Do

  1. The Bible has clearly defined the role of the Husband in the home. It is such that every Christian male who seeks to get married or who is already married need not look too far for what to do.

In several ways, the bible has provided the appropriate guidelines for believers. For all that you do on earth, there’s a Bible verse to help you with it. All it takes is a careful study of the bible. Get enlightened, and follow the standards that are expected from us as we walk on earth.

We have taken time. Carefully studying the scriptures to make a list of the duties of the husband. After reading this, we are certain that all doubts relating to this role will be cleared.

So, what exactly did the Bible say about the role of the husband?

1. Love your wife

The Bible repeats in several places that the Husband is to love the wife. The comparison and measure of this love are, “as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her” (Ephesians 5:25). The implication of this is that the husband is expected to love his wife as divinely as God loves his Church.

This is no easy task or responsibility that is placed on the man. It means he must:

  • Endure in patience.
  • Promise to never leave or forsake his wife.
  • Be dedicated to her growth.
  • Must be ready at all times to put her needs before his.

This role of the husband can only be fulfilled through supernatural help. Thankfully, all believers have the Holy Spirit residing on their inside. What greater supernatural help can be made available?

Key Point: Husbands Love Your Wives as Christ Loved The Church!

role of the husband

2. Respect for Your Wife

Another important role of a husband is, to respect his wife. The role of the Husband is spelt out in 1 Peter, which states; “Husbands, in the same way, be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect.”

To treat your wife with respect is to:

  • Understand and pay attention to the views and opinions of your wife.
  • Ensure that you appreciate her.

Respect is a very important part of marriage and it is something that both parties must cultivate and ensure that they exhibit towards one another.

3. Praise and Honour Your Wife

The Bible in several places asks the husband to call his wife blessed and to Praise her (Proverbs 31: 28-29). The Husband should never form a habit of abusing his wife or dishonouring her in the presence of others. Always, the husband is expected to celebrate his wife and appreciate her for all she does. He should always seek to protect her name and reputation with outsiders and emphasize her position as his partner wherever he goes. These are ways of demonstrating honour and cultivating a culture of Praise.

The book of Hebrews further shows that ”the way of purity” is another way by which a husband can honour his wife (Hebrews 13:4). The role of the Husband and indeed also the wife is to keep the marriage bed undefiled. They must ensure that at all times they recognize the dishonour it would cause to their partners if for any reason they deviate from the part of purity.

role of the husband

4. Train and Guide Your Children

The book of Ephesians, Psalms, Proverbs all mention that the father must ensure that a child is properly taught in the way he should go. The role of the husband also includes the raising of life along with the counsel and way of the lord.  Training a child is not a role delegated to the wife alone. A godly husband must play an important part in the upbringing of a child. This role of the father is one of those roles that is jointly shared with the wife and they must see that they act in unison together.

The teaching of the children must not only be by speaking and correction, but it is also very important that the father sets an example at all times.

5. Provide and Protect Your Home

The Bible says very expressly that a man ought to provide for his household. This means that a husband according to scriptures is tasked with ensuring that the welfare of the members of his family is met. He should not be idle and unconcerned about the wellbeing of his household.

The Bible makes a harsh statement that if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever. This demonstrates the seriousness of the responsibility

Furthermore, the father ought to be a shield and a protector for his household. His family should see him and feel safe and secured. There should be warmth and security from all manner of harms – psychologically, spiritually or physically.

role of the husbad

The Role of the Husband in the Home: What must be noted? 

We have identified some of the roles that the bible has laid down for the man in the home. Yet if we check through scriptures painstakingly, we will realize that these roles are not exclusive to the man. Of course, the man is asked to love like Christ but so also should the woman. Yes, he is to be the leader and be the head of the family. However, this leadership is a call to love and not to be a tyrant.

Marriage is the coming together of two individuals and even though there is a hierarchy according to scriptures, marriage is fundamentally a partnership. Both parties’ roles are interwoven and are hardly exclusive. A marriage will be successful when both parties realize this.

The husband must understand that his leadership is a call to love like Jesus Christ and this means to lay down his life for her, to respect her, to be eternally patient with her and always ready to answer her call.   The wife must understand that she is to support her husband with all she is, loving and respecting him.