The Role of the Wife: 5 Things the Bible Says a Wife Should Do

Just like several other roles and responsibilities for believers, the role of the wife in the home is contained in the bible.

The bible is a manual for living for all Christians. This means that in everything we set our hands upon to do, we should compare it with biblical standards. This includes marriage.

Marriage is an institution by God. Jesus Established this in Matthew where He stated that He made them from the beginning ”made them male and female.” Therefore what God has joined together, no man should attempt to put asunder.

Since marriage is an institution that is put forward by God, it becomes even more sacrosanct that we examine the roles of the partners in marriage in the light of scriptures. Therefore we have complied the roles of the wife in the home as stated by scriptures

role of the wife

1. Respect and Submit to Your Husband

The bible is very clear that the wife should respect and submit to her husband. In the book of Ephesians, the Bible compares the relationship between the husband and the wife with the relationship between Christ and the Church. God designed the husband to be the head in the home, while the wife serves as a support system for him in the home (1 Corinthians 11:3: Ephesians 5:23).

The role of submission and respect can be demonstrated in support and assistance to the projects and visions that the husband puts forward. It must be stated here that placing of the man above the woman in terms of leadership is only in the home.  A man and a woman are equal in all other things, even in Christ (Galatians 3; 28). However, in the family for the purpose of functioning and administration, God designed it that the husband is the head and the wife plays the role of submission and respect to his leadership.

2. Love Your Husband and Children

Another responsibility that is placed on the wife in the marriage is to love her husband and children (Titus 2:4). Love is more than a feeling. It is a commitment and a choice. This is exactly why the bible instructs the wives to commit towards loving their husbands and the fruits of their relationship.

As Christians, we are also called to love each other andas such, this applies to 2 believers who are married to each other. Love must be demonstrated in the willingness to sacrifice and care for each other. Love is also demonstrated in Kindness ( Titus 2:4-5, 1 Corinthians 13)

role of the wife

3. Mentor and train her Children and Others

The book of Titus Chapter 2 makes it clear that older women as wives are to train and mentor the younger ones. This confers a responsibility on wives to train and teach the young ones and all those around them how to conduct themselves in life and in Marriage. The book of Timothy also talks of Timothy being taught by his grandmother and mother in the way of the Lord. It is therefore the responsibility for wives and mothers to labour over their children in ensuring that they know the lord for themselves.

The bible says that Children should be trained up in the way they should go. What other way should a believer train his child other than in the way of Christ? As stated in the role of a husband written previously, the responsibility of training falls on both the husband and the wife.

4. As a Wife, You Should Care are Protect the Entire household

The book of proverbs, particularly chapter 31 states some of the defining characteristics of a wife. It states that a good wife is worth more than rubies and is a blessing to her household. One fundamental trait that we see in Proverbs 31 is the attribute of motherly care. A wife is expected to provide and care to her children and to her husband. She ought to be a source of comfort, peace, relief, and lifting.  The wife has the responsibility or the role of looking out for her household, to ensure that they are doing fine.

Another role of the wife is to protect her household. She is to be a cover and a defense for them. They should feel safe from all harms in her arms. Protection can be physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

role of the wife

5. Source of Strength and Wisdom

Another defining role of the wife in the home is to be a source of strength and wisdom to her family. The bible speaks of the woman has being a very strong person (Proverbs 31),  and she has the role of ensuring that the depth of her strength is available to her household.  The wife also has the responsibility of providing wisdom and guidance to her family and her household. Her children and her husband should be able to walk up to her when they are confused or troubled and find guidance for their lives.

The Role of the Wife in the Home: What Must be Noted? 

We have identified some of the roles that the bible has laid down for the woman in the home. Yet, if we check through scriptures painstakingly, we will realize that these roles are not exclusive to the woman. Yes, the Husband is also expected to love, care and protect his family. He should respect his wife and be a source of strength and wisdom to her.

Marriage is the coming together of two individuals and even though there is a hierarchy according to scriptures. Marriage is fundamentally a partnership. The roles of both parties’ are interwoven and are hardly exclusive. The only way that a marriage will be successful is where both parties realize this.

The husband must understand that his leadership is a call to love his wife like Jesus Christ. This means to lay down his life for her, to respect her, to be eternally patient with her, and always ready to answer her call.  The wife must understand that she is to support her husband with all she is, loving and respecting him.