The Role of Women in The Church: Great Women in History who Built the Church

The role of women in the church is a sometimes controversial. while some seem to believe that women should not engage in church affairs, others think such notions are absurd.

According to some school of thoughts, the role of women in the church is to simply listen and learn from the men. However, we will not be delving into such debates today. We will only highlights the role of women in building the church.

Did women play any roles in the growth of the church?

Of course, this is the very first issue to tackle. Many will point out that women really did little to nothing in the growth and history of the church. Their arguments will be based on facts that there are only 2 books written about women in the Bible. And that these books were not in fact written by women.

They could also point to the fact that no woman appears to be part of the fundamental ministry of Jesus. After all, he had 12 major apostles and not one woman made the list. They might even point to the early church, both in the apostles and post- apostles era and point out that no woman was at the forefront.

These might be valid facts but they are not complete facts and a careful and intrinsic look at the Bible makes it clear that women were not only present but in fact pivotal to the growth and building of the church.

women in the church
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How women helped build the church post bible days

We will just point two examples. The first we know of is the Mother of the Wesley’s. She prayed and prayed for her children into the knowledge of God that the great revival caused by these men cannot, in any historical book be referred to without mentioning the prayers of Susanna Wesley

The next woman, who returned to the world the impeccable and powerful power of God to heal and the presence and person of the Holy Spirit is the great Kathryn Khulman. You cannot mention the revivals that shook the world and established the Pentecostal movement, which is the fastest-growing Christian Domination without mentioning her. In fact, a prominent leader of the Pentecostal movement today, Benny Hinn, is said to carry her mantle.

Women in the church: How Women Contributed in Bible Days

Before we begin to list the role of women in the church, we will show you how women were fundamental in the establishment of the church and the plans of God.

Like every good Bible study, let us start from the old testament. Our first point of call will be the very period where the children of Israel were in slavery and babies were dying left right and centre. Moses was the plan of God, and he was about to be slaughtered. Then God raised four women to salvage his life.

First, there were the midwives who lied to Pharoah about the Hebrew women.

This giving Moses an opportunity to be born. Then there was his mother, who summoned the courage to hide him, despite the risk to her life. Then there was his sister and pharaoh’s daughter, both of whom worked together to get him off the streets and into the palace. Take a moment now to reflect, had this women not acted or been there, Israel would have been in slavery longer and Jesus would have come later.

The next stop is in the book of Judges where men were cowards and God had to turn to two women.

Deborah and Jael. Had both of them not acted as inspired or instructed by the lord, the counsel of the Lord concerning the rescue of Israel would have failed as at that time.

women in the church

We will do two more stops in the Old Testament before we take a ride to the New Testament. Remember Rehab? Wonderful! The testimony concerning the walls of Jericho would have probably been frustrated had she not been there to help.

Then Esther, Famous Queen Esther. She saved the Israelis from certain doom by having the strength to be bold and confront a king who was known for being grossly unpredictable. If Israel had been destroyed then, we can only imagine where Jesus who saved us would have come from and how much time would have delayed before salvation came.

Women in the church

A quick stop in the New Testament shows us that first and perhaps vitally important was the fact that despite how important Jesus was, God dared not bypass using a woman to bring him into the world. He was not too important to be born by a woman. Amen?

Next, we see that certain women were ridiculously close to Jesus such that it was on their account that the Famous statement; Jesus Wept, came to be. Mary and Martha, two sisters who loved Jesus and believed him with all their heart, even more than some of the apostles. We see Jesus responding to that love by the way even he was moved to tears at the death of their brother.

Lastly, on this list, we take a quick look into the early church and we see Priscilla. Indelible partners of Paul who ensured that the truth was completely and well taught even in the absence of Paul.

I think by now you ought to be convinced of the role of women in the plans and building of the church. Perhaps, you have a little doubt, let us delve into Post- Bible days.


With several infallible proofs, we have shown that God uses women and that you can’t point properly  at church history without mentioning the role of women