Top 10 Christian Blogs for youth in Nigeria | You Should Visit Them

The internet is a very fascinating place filled with several sources of Information. It’s easy to find something relating to every field on the internet, from politics to religion.

The internet is then a place to gather and get Christian materials that will edify you. There are several websites that provide quality Christian content, especially for youths. We have then highlighted some top Christian blogs for youths in no particular order.

1. The Rhema Blog

The Rhema Blog is filled with several insightful write-ups. These write-ups or articles cover diverse topics that range from giving to son-ship and adoption in Christ. The Christian blog for youths also contains features such as “Verse of the day” A visit to the blog is bound to be enlightening and insightful. The blog is also quite easy to navigate.

Christian Blogs for Youth

2. The Truth Media

This blog is filled with articles and posts that will lift the heart of any believer. The content is deeply touching and can be easily related to. The blog also contains poems that are Christian themed. Another striking thing about this blog is the design, which is top-notch. The site is very easily accessible and can be easily navigated. Visit it and you will definitely be refreshed.


This blog is great because of its many features and contents. There are insightful and illuminating articles and write-ups. The blog also has a devotional section where you can follow awesome devotionals. The blog is also a very good place to download Christian music. This Christian blog for youths is very easy to navigate and access and also features a dream dictionary.

4. Life, God, and Love

One key reason why we love this website among several amazing things that it has is its beauty, organization, and ease of access. The blog has a feel of love about it and it appears really serene. It also has some of the best content that you can ever imagine. The topics range from love to holiness and insightful pieces on God. There are also story series that you can read up and follow on this blog. This is definitely one of the top Christian blogs for youths.

Christian Blogs for Youth

5. The Gospel Arena

Every youth will love this blog. This blog has everything that you could be searching for. The blog contains beautifully well-crafted posts, breaking news on events and happenings in the Christian world, among other amazing content. The blog is also incredibly easy to access and navigate. As a youth, you will love this blog mostly because you can’t seem to exhaust its content. There is new content virtually every day

More Christian Blogs For Youths

6. Yemisi Vese’s Blog

This blog which is run by Yemisi is a blog that every youth should check out. It features a lot of categories that are easily relatable. They include family, marriage and bible study. If you love to read beautiful and inspiring posts then yemisi’s blog is one for you. Another bonus point is that it is easily accessible. You can also learn Yemisi’s beautiful story on the blog.

7. Living Seed

This is a blog for all youths who want insight into the word of God. The blog belongs to the peace house, the ministry of Brother Gbile Akani. It features several articles that are thought-provoking and incredibly life-changing. You can also download messages by Bro Gblie on the blog. Like all Christian blogs for youths  that we recommend, this blog is easily accessible and can be easily navigated.

Truth in Christiannity
Christian Truth

8. Living Word Media

This is an incredibly useful blog for young people who love music and love the word. The content of the blog includes write-ups on various bible topics, Messages from Pastor Segun Onayinka, amongst others. Another catching feature of this Christian blog for youths is the rich musical content. A visit to the blog is guaranteed to be impactful.

9. Hadassah Diaries

This is a deeply personal blog that is incredibly beautiful and easy to navigate. It features articles on Christian faith, wonderful experiences and the word of God. An insightful and impactful blog for all visitors and followers.

10. Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministries

This is a blog filled with messages, amazing audio files, and insightful articles. The blog is easily accessible and various bible topics are addressed. The site is easy to access and navigate. This is definitely one of top Christian blogs for youths.