Gospel Entertainment: What the Bible Says about Music that You Should Know

What the bible says about music is very important for every believer. Whether or not you are a keen music lover.

Is there a particular kind of music that the bible recommends? What exactly is Gospel Music?

These are the questions that plague several believers, both young and old. We have attempted to provide insight and answers into this questions. Lets see what exactly the bible says about music

What is Gospel Music?

Gospel music commonly refers to music that is christian based. This are songs that are produced, organized, composed and arranged with the aim of using them for religious purposes. It is however pivotal to note that gospel music is not just religious purposes but also for ceremonial purposes and atheistic purposes as well.

Gospel music has also evolved over time to be an established genre of music in its elf with its own style and components. This means that a non christian can compose or perform a song using the gospel music song. This means that christian music is not necessarily synonymous to gospel music.

History of Gospel Music

Gospel Music has its roots in the culture and circumstances of Black Americans. This genre of music is famous for its call and response pattern and for several repetitions. The reason for the repetitions in those days was to help the uneducated member of the predominantly black community find it easy to memorize and learn the song and participate in the worship.

Repetition and “call and response” are accepted elements in African music, and they are designed to achieve an altered state of consciousness which is also referred to as “trance”, and to strengthen communal bonds. These make hymns an indispensable part of the history of gospel Music.

what the bible says about music

Genres of Gospel Music

Yeah! you heard right, there are various genres of Gospel music with different styles and patterns that make them distinctive. Some of this genres of Gospel Music Include;

Christian Country Music

This is sometimes referred to as country gospel music. This is a sub genre of gospel music mixed with the country flair, It can also be referred to as inspirational country. Christian country has over the decades progressed into a mainstream country sound itself, characterized with inspirational or positive country lyrics.

British Black Gospel

British black gospel refers to the gospel music that originates from the  African diaspora, which has been made in the UK. It is also called Urban Contemporary Gospel or UK Gospel. This distinctive sound is largely influenced by UK street culture which has many artists from the African and Caribbean dominated black churches in the UK. This  genre has gained numerous awards and recognition including the GEM (Gospel Entertainment Music) Awards, MOBO Awards, Urban Music Awards, among many others

Southern Gospel Music

This genre of gospel music gets its name from its origins in the Southeastern United States where lyrics are written to show both personal and general faith about Jesus Christ and Christian life. It is Sometimes known as “quartet music” because of  its traditional “four men and a piano” set up.

This genre has grown over the years into a popular form and style of music across the US. Similar to other genres of music, the creation, performance, effect and perhaps the definition varies as much as culture and social context varies. It is composed and performed for diverse purposes that range  from aesthetic pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes, or as an entertainment product for the marketplace.

what the bible says about music

Gospel Music and Worldly Music

Having given a brief description and definition of what gospel music actually means, it becomes apparent as we can clearly see, that as a genre of music, gospel music is just like rock or blues, etc, with its own styles patterns and sub-genres. It therefore means  that apart from technical differences and differences in style, we cannot categorically state the there is a difference between gospel music and the so called worldly music.

However, it we are to define gospel music as christian music then we can begin to see that there are fundamental differences. These differences are however not necessarily musical but spiritual. The songs that the bible recommends for the believer and his people are what are fundamentally different from “worldly music”. This will then cause us to examine what the bible says about music.

what the bible says about music

What the Bible Says about Music

Whatever you want to call the different forms of music today, we must understand that to a large extent that there is what the bible says about music. It therefore means that the standard to check when trying to classify music into spiritual and nonspiritual is not the singer or the beat but whether or not the song performs biblical roles. Here are two fundamental roles

Many scriptures state that we are to sing to His praises ( Psalms 96). The implication of this, is that God expects that music should bring glory to him. God expects that by music we will honor him for all he is and has done. Any song that does this is biblical.

Another clear thing that we see from scriptures concerning music, is that it ought to be a means of spiritual edification for the believer (Colossians 3:16). Music should be such that when we listen to it we grow and get better in God. Music that aligns with the truth of the world and brings us closer to God is also spiritual

In Conclusion

What the bible says about music are things that we should know. God has stipulated what songs we should sing and what purposes this song should serve in our lives. No matter the classification that by human wisdom we have divided songs into. When a song follows biblical standards of edification and praise, we should pay extra attention to such songs