Jesus is King: Is Kanye West a win for Christianity or Nah?

When Kanye West came out publicly to declare for Jesus, and released an entire album — Jesus is King — that talked about Jesus and Christianity, there were several responses and comments from both the Christian and Non- Christian community. While some felt, his proclaimed conversion was real and a great thing, others had doubts and some downright rejected the thought, stating that it was merely a phase for the popular musician and rapper

This article will be looking at the effect of Kanye’s Public Declaration for Jesus and whether it is a positive for the Christian community.


Kanye West Jesus is King
Jesus is King

Is Jesus Truly King to Kanye?

Kanye west has always released religiously themed music from the very beginning of his career, however never has he been this public with his declaration for Jesus. The lyrics of some of the songs on the album, Jesus is King, lead many to believe that at some point, before the release of the album, he must have met Jesus. While the exact day and situation that led to his conversion is not exactly known, Kanye while speaking recently started that the Devil showed him all the possible things that life could possibly offer. He named jewelry, cars, and all the glitter of the world but that he found out that nothing beats God. Kanye also seems to be aware of the Holy Spirit living inside of him, when he stated that the validation of God who is within us is all that should matter to us and not the validation of Men.


His lyrical content such as “you won’t ever be the same when you call on Jesus’ name Listen to the words I’m sayin’, Jesus saved me, now I’m sane And I know, I know God is the force that picked me up I know Christ is the fountain that filled my cup I know God is alive, yeah”, also point to the fact that he is aware of a translation and a definite change in his life by the virtue of receiving the life of Christ.

The Question that many people now begin to ask, is whether the proclaimed conversion of Kanye West is a good thing for Christendom as a whole and our unequivocal answer is yes.

Kanye west jesus is kingWhy “Yes” to Kanye’s Jesus is King?

The reasons for this are plenteous but here are a few:

  • Firstly, when the master of the church was leaving the earth, in some of his final words, He stated that his disciples and all that believe in him should go into the world and preach the gospel to every creation. Kanye West definitely comes under this description, and his conversion will definitely mean that the church is fulfilling her mandate as laid down by the Head of the Church. Furthermore, scriptures make it clear that there is rejoicing in the heavens when a soul is saved, it therefore means that the salvation of any soul is a good thing for the heavens and by extension, the church.
  • Secondly, A popular voice like Kanye coming out to proclaim the name of Jesus, helps to show the world that God is interested in all men and the provision in Christ is not just for the uncool, poor and unpopular guys, it is for the rich and the poor, the male and the female, the boss and the employees, and for all the classes of people. It makes Christianity much more appealing to a large number of people.
  • Thirdly, with the influence Kanye has over millions of lives all over the world, he serves as a massive platform with far reaching influence to declare the Name of Jesus Christ and all the He came to achieve by his Life and Death. The truth remains that the mere fact the Kanye West states expressly that Jesus is the Way to the Father is enough reason for a teenager in his room in America or a third world country to take a second look at a tract given to him two days ago, and from there the Holy Spirit prevails on his heart to come into the fold of God’s children.
    Of course we understand that many are wary of possible side effects of this conversion, and especially if it turns out false. One fear of several people is that Kanye has a lifestyle which might not necessarily change and as such would influence several others to adopt such lifestyle which might not be so Christ like. Another is that he could come out tomorrow and quite easily say everything was a fluke and the God isn’t real and that every man is a god to himself, which would cause a massive fallout for Christianity. Perhaps, these concerns and worries are valid, but it is our belief that we should not spend time worrying about this.


We must also never forget that it is God that saves a man, it is also God that upholds and preserves a man, and as such, rather than castigate him, the onus lies on the Christian assembly to welcome with love and pray for him, that he grows in the knowledge and lifestyle of the kingdom and that he yields more and more to God in all he does. Jesus left a new commandment that we love each other, so that by this men will know that we are his disciples. He also asked us to be love all men. This implies that whether or not you believe in Kanye’s conversion, we ought to love Him.

Is Kanye’s Publicity of Christ a Win for Christians?

The answer is Yes, Jesus  is King is a win. For if heaven rejoices when a soul is saved and doesn’t consider the salvation of a soul to be a loss, then as citizens of heaven we should have a similar view and perspective over such matters. Besides, His influence helps to bring the Christian Faith to many.
The Church and every Christian should in fact pray for more of this. How wonderful it will be for many more celebrities to indeed proclaim the Gospel of our Lord and testify of his saving power in their lives. Shouting from the rooftops that Jesus is King.