Top Christian Songs that Defined 2019

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Music is a very important part of our lives, and in the Christian faith, music is seen all through the scriptures and as such it forms a key part of our belief system. Here are some of the top Christian songs in 2019 in no particular order:

1. Still in Control by Mack Brock

A song that teaches us to place so much faith in God and to trust him, Still in Control, as a Christian song, sure helped the faith of several Christians around the world.

2. Goodness of God by Bethel Music

Bethel Music as once again released a classic for all believers over the world to remember the Lord they serve. Goodness is a song of hope and strength. It was Sung by Jenn Johnson live at Bethel Church. It was a heartwarming Christian song

3. Oh Jesus by Mercy Chinwo

This beautifully sung Christian song speaks of all the power that is in the Name of Jesus and how it is superior to any other name, force or situation in the world. Every believer should listen to this. It will help remind you of the power in the name and could help well up hope for any situation that we could be going through.

Mercy Chinwo Gospel Songs
Mercy Chinwo Christian Songs

4. King of Glory by Michael W. Smith Featuring Cece Winans

The names in the collaboration should get you dancing already in anticipation of a powerful Christian song. The combo sees Smith behind the keyboard while Cece sings so beautifully and powerfully in this cover of Todd Dulaney’s song. Of course, the beauty of the song also lies in the powerful lyrics that Todd already wrote down. what more can we ask for?

5. Clean by Hillsong United

If there is one thing we all love Hillsong for is their rich theological depth and the truth of God’s word that is evident in their lyrics. Clean is exactly that, though short, this Christian song discusses richly the Christ upon which all is centered. Like all other Hillsong materials, this song has a beautiful beat and is very easy to sing along to.

6. The simple truth by Elias Dummer

You won’t find a Christian song much more simple and reassuring that this beauty from Elias Dummer. A listen to it will restore that child,-like belief in all the love and joy that is in Jesus Christ.

7. Breathe by Dunsin Oyekan

The depths of Dunsin Oyekan Christian songs are the reasons why we love him and breathe is another one that is rich and comes from a very deep place.

8. Good and Loved by Travis

This song was featured on our beloved Travis‘ “Broken Record. “ This song goes into details about the abundant and gracious love of God for us. It also reminds us that God’s nature is good and that we will never as Christians, come to a point where he stops loving us. The track also involves Bethel Music worship leader Steffany Gretzinger.

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The Experience

Some More Great Christian Songs

9. King of Kings by Hillsong

The Christian Powerhouse Music group released a song that states and proclaims the Majesty and Power of God. It is a eulogy of God. It features the beautiful and powerful vocals of Brooke Ligertwood. This is definitely a top Christian song


10. This is a Move by Tasha Cobbs

Popular Christian music voice, Tasha Cobbs, released a live worship song that will immediately in the mood for worship. It was recorded during her headline tour of the revival, in 2018. The song is filled with emotion and life that is attributed to her live shows.

Before 2020 fully gives us more beautiful and powerful music, you could get those on this list that you don’t have and enjoy the beauty of top Christian Songs.