Biography of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Pastor Bidoun Fatoyin is the founder of Common Wealth of Zion’s Assembly popularly known as COZA with its headquarter in Abuja, Nigeria.

Pastor Biodun was born on January 1st in 1976 and he is the first son of the family of four and attended the University of Ilorin where he was rusticated for cultism before he rounded up at the University of Benin and found Christ. He started out as a church drummer, which he later left to pursue his calling. COZA started out as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Ilorin, Kwara State in 1999 with a very small congregation. He married his wife in the year 2000 at a very tender age and together they built the church. They have four children today.Related image

COZA has five branches with four major ordained pastors in Ilorin, Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Dubai. Pastor Biodun believes that “every individual placed on earth is not here to take sides but to take over” and he is an exemplary leader as he has not just instilled that mindset into his church followers, he shows it in his lifestyle.

No doubt that Pastor Biodun has a very great taste for fashion, and he not just a talented singer but also a good guitarist. Millions of people and pastors all over the world listen to his sermons as they claim he gives them hope through his lifestyle and messages. In December of 2017, he took to IG to appreciate his wife for being very supportive over the years.Image result for biodun fatoyinbo and family

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In 2013, the Pastor because of his expensive lifestyle, was entangled in an allegation of infidelity with Ese Walters who was a former member of the church. Ese had fired up social media after she claimed in a blog post that she had a week-long sexual relationship with the pastor during a visit to London. Ese later admitted that relationship with Fatoyinbo was consensual, but felt abused and manipulated by him and the way the church’s leadership handled the issue after she reported.Image result for biodun fatoyinbo sexual assault history

In 2019, music star Timi Dakolo accused the pastor of sleeping with his church members. His post on IG encouraged other victims of Fatoyinbo, to speak up but no one came up to speak, neither did the pastor and members of the church, Timi was simply ignored.

Few weeks after the post on IG, Busola Dakolo granted an interview with Chude Jideonwo, a Nigerian lawyer, journalist and media entrepreneur, and told the world that Pastor Biodun raped her as a teenager. She also accused the pastor of condoning rape and sexual assault.Image result for biodun fatoyinbo sexual assault history

On Sunday, June 30, Nigerian women organized a protest against sexual violence in the church following the recent allegations by Busola Dakolo and he was forced to step down a day after the protest. So many other ladies have been forced to speak out since Busola’s interview with Ynaija and claim to have evidence.

The pastor is currently on a leave of absence pending when the allegations will be resolved. Despite all of these, his wife stands by him and says all of the allegations are false.