Biography of Sammy Okposo

Sammie Okposo is a praise leader, a music producer, an entertainment consultant and the CEO of Zamar Entertainment.
  • Sammie Okposo was born in 1971 and hails from Delta State. He was born and bred in Delta State until his music career started actively in 1992.
  • He became a music producer in 1995 after joining Nollywood as a soundtrack producer. Back then when he started, he made sure his songs were heard all over the place including night clubs, and that earned him much respect in the music industry today.Image result for Sammy Okposo
  • Sammie Okposo is also a United Nations Ambassador of world peace and featured in so many sold-out concerts in different continents.
  • Sammie Okposo is one of the pioneers of gospel music in Nigeria, he also changed the face of gospel songs in Nigeria by selling over a million copies of his work.
  • He has won so many awards and recognition in the country.
  • Sammy Okposo is married to Ozioma Okposo and they have been together for 9 years.
  • Sammy owns a 12 piece band named D X Generation.
  • Sammy has an estimated worth of $750,000.