Biography of Pastor Sam Adeyemi: All You Need to Know About the Senior Pastor of Daystar.

Pastor sam Adeyemi is one of the top pastors in Nigeria. He’s a motivational speakers and best selling author in Nigeria  and abroad.

Sam adeyemi, the founder and senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre was born on February 3rd, 1967. He was born in Yagba, Kogi state to Chief SB Adeyemi, Samuel Adesanya hails from Odo- Ere, Yagba-West Local Government Area, Kogi state Nigeria.

Past Sam establishes Daystar Christian Centre in 1995. A  life-changing church based in Lagos state, Nigeria. The church’s vision and commitment is to “raise role models.” And Daystar is doing a good job at raising role models.

pastor sam adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi is an exceptional teacher, motivational speaker and the host of a popular program; “Success Power”-which airs on radio and television stations. This program airs within and outside Nigeria.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi is the President of Success Power International, an NGO that specializes in organizing financial, leadership and motivational seminars. He is also the president of Daystar Leadership Academy which has groomed and built thousands of business owners and active minds over the years.

Sam Adeyemi Books

Over the years, Pastor Sam has written several books. Some of his books includes:

  • Parable of Dollars.
  • Success Is Who You Are.
  • Ideas Rule The World.
  • Start With What You Have.
  • Second Revolution.
  • Multiply Your Success: LEAD.
  • Nigeria of My Dreams.
  • Generation Z+.
  • We Are The Government.

Sam Adeyemi on Tithes:

Pastor Adeyemi strongly believes that tithes are of the Old Testaments. He said Christian should not be pressured or forced to pay tithes, and that curses attached to it has expired. He asked Christians to turn to God for instructions and guidance. 

Pastor Sam  believes that Christians need to render their help and services whenever and wherever it is needed in the church and their contributions should be according to their heart desires.

In his words; ”There Paul said: “Don’t let anyone bind you with rope; don’t let anyone binds you with rules that God has not written. Don’t let them import it from the Old Testaments …you don’t need to do anything for God’s grace.

“You can’t pay for it, that is why I would say a Christian can be led by God and God is his Sovereignty has the right to instruct a Christian to do anything with his or her tithes. I would say that a Christian should be responsible enough to support the running of the church, where he/she is blessed spiritually.

Sam Adeyemi’s Family

Pastor Samuel Adeyemi is married to Pastor Mrs. Adenike Adeyemi. Adenike Adeyemi is a passionate a woman, she loves rendering her utmost help in the field of education, family and finance. She’s in charge of some Organization which include The Real Woman Foundation founded in 2001. Sam Adeyemi and his wife, Nike are blessed with three lovely children.

pastor sam adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi on Private Jet

Once, there was a rumor that pastor Adeyemi acquired a private jet. Rumors he debunked. He said he never own a private jet. Also stating that the media were just passing rumors around.

He said; ”I don’t own a private jet.
“Rumor that has been there for sometimes, especially in the junk media.
“It is becoming a concern now that reputable magazines and newspapers are saying the same thing”

Although, a handful of pastors in Nigeria own private jets, Pastor Sam is not one of them.

Sam Adeyemi Net Worth

Pastor Adeyemi’s  Net worth is estimated to be over $54 Million. He earned the money as a religious Leader.