Gloria Louis is a songwriter and worship leader. She has a calling to lead worship with a deep unction and inspiration from the Father. 

With the understanding that we are all created to worship and impact the world for Jesus, Gloria’s mission is to reach out and touch souls globally through the worship of the Creator. Gloria Louis is a member and worship leader in the Redeemed Christian Church of God: City of David. 

Early life / Background 

Gloria hails from Aniotcha local government in Delta state and was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She was born on October 6 into a family of 5. Being the second child of Mr and Mrs Edward Iwegbunam, and born into a Christian home, Gloria has worked her way into a deep fellowship with God. She believes that she was created to worship and the essence of her existence is to touch lives for Jesus through the gift, grace and talent he has given her. 


Gloria had her primary education at Hope Children Primary School, Lagos state. She furthered her secondary education at Hopebay College, Lagos state. After which she got her BSc at the renowned University of Lagos (Unilag).

Gloria LouisSingle/ Music Video

Gloria released 2 original songs titled, No One Like You and King of Kings in 2016. She later released an accompanying music video to No one Like you in February 2016. Gloria Louis has led various worship sessions and still soaring in God’s presence. 

Family / Marriage 

Gloria Louis has been married for 8 years to the love of her life – Saint-Louis Egbobiani. Her union is blessed with 3 handsome and intelligent boys – Louis, Awesome and Splendour Egbobiani. 

Inspiration and Role Model 

Gloria’s first inspiration is Jesus and the desire to be like Him. Her next source of inspiration and strength is her mother. According to the music minister, “my mother is a great source of inspiration and also a pillar in my life. She has raised me to be the woman that I am today. She’s an anointed woman and a great prayer warrior.” With the kind of superwoman she has as a mother, Gloria learnt early in life that prayer is a channel to living a victorious life. She strongly holds to heart James 5:16: “The effectual fervent power of the righteous avails much.” 

According to Gloria Louis, “the devil is afraid of the weakest Christian on his knees. We subdue, conquer, take over and have dominion in the place of prayer,”she says. 

As a child, Gloria was drawn to the popular gospel artiste, Don Moen. She loved the sincerity of his heartfelt worship. Don Moen gave a refreshing meaning to worship and helped her understand worshipping God in spirit and truth. 

Another worshipper that inspired the songwriter was Darlene Zesch. According to Gloria, Darlene’s “life and ministry has been a great source of inspiration to me that I had the desire to join the Hillsong worship team.” Fortunately, her desire could not come to fruition because God had better plans for Gloria and her ministry. 

Presently, her role model is Minister Sinach. A popular gospel musician in Nigeria, whose ministry has been a tremendous blessing and source of inspiration to Gloria.


Gloria’s core aim and belief are that “when we worship God and God alone, He takes absolute charge over the affairs and our lives. Life is worthless, meaningless and empty without God.”

Lyrics to Gloria Louis , No One Like You

Verse 1

It’s your mercy Lord that kept me, Lord I’m here because of you, Your grace it held me, so I can say, who am I without your mercy, Lord I’ll give my life to honour, your love redeems me, so I can sing.

There is no one like you, we worship you(2ce)

Verse 2

Who am I without your mercy, Lord I’ll give my life to honour you, your love redeems me, so I can sing.


Koseni to dabire, we wait on you (2ce)


we wait on you, we call to you, we run to you, we cry to you, we depend on you, we look to you, idi agba nwagba nwe, we call on you


Idi agba nwagba nwe, we call on you(2ce)