Church Fashion: How to dress for church.

With religion performing the duty of a moral compass for man and society, as it gives precepts on certain ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’, this piece looks at the Christian religion, bringing to bare it’s stand on the mode of dressing suitable for its adherents when they appear at places of worship. For this piece to have good landing, quick reference will be made to certain verses of the Bible; which is also the book of sacred writings and teachings of the Christian religion.

Our first pick is from ‘1 Timothy 2 : 9’, “Similarly women are to wear suitable clothes and to be dressed quietly and modestly, without braided hair or gold and jewelry or expensive clothes.”

As much as the above verse refers to women, it is also applicable to the male folks as they aren’t left out on dressing appropriately to worship, the verse also hints on suitable clothes and modest apparels.

Another verse from the Bible that gives insight on appropriate dressing to a place of worship is ‘Deuteronomy 22 : 5’, and it reads

A woman must not dress like a man, nor a man like a woman; anyone who does that is detestable to Yahweh.

The dictates of this verse of the Bible comes explicitly as read, and bringing into consideration that our present day society offers little or nothing in terms of dressing for the male and female gender. So the above verses states it clearly, that each gender ought to be dressed in apparels belonging to it.

In addition to the verses discussed above, another piece of wisdom as regards dressing is contained in ‘Proverbs 11 : 22’, though stated implicitly, it reads “a golden ring in the snout of a pig is like a lovely woman who lacks discretion”.

Everyone would be struck in awe should they find a golden ring on a pig, same expression would greet anyone who meets a good woman whose clothing is lose. In essence, the above verse from the book of proverbs admonishes that one must be careful about the mode of dressing they choose to go with and same should be applied to our places of worship.

As much as some of our present day churches preach flexibility in dressing all in a bid to get along with the trends of society, forgetting that dressing forms an important aspect of culture, which was in existence before the advent of Western religion.

Also to be noted, is dressing in the pre – missionary era was modest and conservative as cited in the Bible. Dressing also exhibits the personal values and core ideals of a person as expressed in a saying that goes thus : “you’re addressed the way you dress”.

Having examined different perspectives on the issue of dressing to church and also as contained in different parts of the Bible (old and new testament). It is important to note and rightly observe that there are specific and certain factors common to all the discussed teachings from the Bible – these are modesty, appropriateness and conservatism in dressing.

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