#BBNaija: The Devil’s handwork?

At the mention of #BBNaija (a popular acronym for Big Brother Nigeria), do you rather hiss and walk away from the trend of conversation or grab the nearest seat and ask “so what’s up?”
Do you even know what BBNaija is about sef?!

Big Brother Naija is a Nigerian reality TV series and also a competition in which a number of 12-14 people live in an isolated house, with all provisions made of course and compete for a large sum of money as cash prize which is won at the end of the show by avoiding eviction from the House by viewers. While in the House, different tasks are carried out as instructed by the masculine catchy voice often referred to as ‘Big Brother’.

The Premiere edition of the show was in 2006 which lasted for 13 weeks after which Katung Aduwak emerged as the winner. (Does that name still ring a bell? What happened to Katung after Big Brother?

Season 1 was long forgotten and then BBNaija Season 2 kicked off in January 2017, lasting for a duration of 11 weeks. At the end, there was the emergence of one Efe as the winner, with a grand prize of 25 million Naira and a brand new KIA Sorento car.

Efe: Winner of BBNaija Season 2

The Third season….err…still is the talk of the town in a way. The reality show kicked off on January 28, 2018 and ran for 13 weeks. Names of the Housemates in this particular season include Tobi, Cynthia popularly called Cee-C, Nina, Alex, Miracle, TeddyA, Bambam and a couple of others. This time, the cash prize was higher- 45 million naira for grabs. It was a miracle that Miracle won afterall.

‘Double Wahala’ Housemates

Double Wahala season came and passed, but the “caught unaware” scenes still come up in conversations. It is even hard to tell who really watched it or not, because it just seems the names of some particular Housemates are trending than the organizers themselves. (Or is that how the game is?)


Well, well, well, 2019 is here and the fourth season is already a hot topic on most social media platforms (the Twitter republic!) .  The auditions which already held on February 2,2019 have stirred a bit of chitchat and hashtags already. It held in major cities across Nigeria such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu, Benin and Calabar and Warri.

#BBNaija 2019 auditions

The turnout of people especially Youths at the auditions was MASSIVE! (Remember the video of a lady who claimed to be a RCCG worker and was desperate to do anything for the money, if eventually she was shortlisted to be in the House which went viral afterwards?) That’s a talk for another glorious day.

Not a season of Big Brother Naija has ever passed without a debate on

“Can Christians watch it?”,

” Is it right to see what is being aired as it contains sexual scenes?”.

“What purpose exactly is this reality show serving?”

The outcry of religious bodies against its live airing on TV will not be watered down as easily as before. This owes to leaks of the illicit scenes of housemates having carnal knowledge of one another, which is assumedly a result of the open bedroom state, that is, no boundaries on the room being for females or males specifically.

There are two sides to a coin, you know?
While some detest the show as promoting immoral standards, distracting present day Youths from channelling their attention to worthwhile activities, extorting finances due to desperation to see a preferred contestant win, there is another faction waving flags up high in the sky protesting that, since the shown is rated 18, it is logical that the viewers are matured enough to see what goes on in the House and the prize at the end of the day is worth it. 


oh be careful little eyes what you see,

oh be careful little ears what you hear,

for your Father up above is looking down at you,

oh be careful little eyes what you see

This is more than a song for Toddlers Sunday school. It literally means that every part of our body is meant to honour God, hence we can only make an effort by filtering what comes in through the channels of the eyes, ears which links to the mind, imagination and all of that.

BBNaija is rated 18, true! How many not-up-to-18 year olds are  not engrossed with keeping up with the stats of the game per year? What is the guarantee that it is really 18 & above that are watching the show ONLY?

There are personal preferences about the BBNaija show for each human being but…

Yes, a big BUT!

As a Christian professing undying love for Christ till He returns or calls me home with the Holy Spirit on your inside as a witness that you are signed, saved and delivered,

Is the BBNaija show worth the watch?