Christian Books: Some of the 10 Best for You

Books are a very important part of learning in whatever field we may be, and it doesn’t differ so much when it comes to matters of the Christian Faith. Christian Books are one of the ways that a believer matures, it, therefore, matters that we pay attention to the books we read, especially when they are Christian books. We must pick books carefully that the Christian Books we read are those that will help us grow and mature in different aspects of being a believer.


This is why we have recommended some great Christian books that will be of great help to you. They are also very well written.

1. The Believer’s Authority by Kenneth Hagin

Kenneth Hagin was a renowned Pentecostal preacher, teacher, and prophet, and more than one of his books will make this list. The Believer’s authority deals with issues that revolve around the privileges and rights that a Christian has, as a result of the Victory of Jesus. It is simple to read and can be gotten in virtually any bookstore or online. The book encourages us to make use of the authority handed over to us by the Lord Jesus.

Pursuit of God

2. The pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

A.W. Tozer was a preacher who had an incredible gift for writing. In this book, he discusses the yearning of the soul of all men for God, their creator. He emphasizes that nothing is more important to a man, and most importantly to the believer than the Apprehension of God. Tozer presents his points in a sequential and logical manner that makes him is compelling and is reminiscent of Paul the Apostle. The Pursuit of God is a very popular book and you should experience no problem in picking it up. You won’t regret the action and you should definitely not read it once.


3. Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

This book is a bestseller and one of the most popular Christian books ever written and the reason is simple. In this very compelling and honest book, Joyce Meyer makes use of scriptures to explain the power of the mind and the reason why all believers should guard it with all diligence. With practical examples and several scriptures, Joyce in very simple words, explains that the secret to a happy, productive and efficient Christian walk is based on winning the battle in the mind.

4. Attributes of God by A.W Tozer

Another book from A.W. Tozer that is bound to help shift our perspectives and help us grow is this compelling book. He takes time in each chapter to discuss seven key attributes of God with mind-blowing clarity that it will leave you reeling, smiling and perhaps shedding some tears. A.W Tozer challenges our perspectives of God and then takes time to from scriptures to prove God’s Love, Holiness, Justice, Immutability, amongst others. You can easily download this online or get it from the closest bookstore to you.

5. Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn in a deeply personal book takes time to explain the personality of the third person in the Trinity. The book is simply put, an exposition into the person and nature of the Holy Spirit. It is a book that every believer should read to get insight into the functions and person of the Holy Spirit and to learn how to walk with Him much more. The book is written simply and contains some personal stories of Benny Hinn that are bound to challenge you.

6. The Name of Jesus by Kenneth Hagin

Papa Haign, in his usual simple manner, takes some time to explore the authority in the Name of Jesus and how believes can appropriate this name to command results in their lives and ministries. Hagin discusses how Jesus got the Name that is above all other Names and why every believer has access to use the name. This book empowers every believer to legislate by the name of Jesus and how to access the name of Jesus.

Christian Books give light
Christian Books

7. Spirit of Leadership by Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe is a man that is renowned for his wisdom and ability to draw out sound principles for living from the scriptures. The Spirit of Leadership is a book that engages the fact that God created all men to be leaders and that until Men return to God and interface with him, they will never be able to fulfill destiny and leadership. If you are searching for a Christian perspective on leadership, then this is the perfect book for you.

Some more Christian Books

8. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

This is perhaps the greatest Christian love story ever told if we exempt the story of Jesus coming to die. The book is based on the relationship between prophet Hosea and Gomar in the old testament, but it does it with such refreshing light and beauty that your heart will break, lift, scream, flutter and shout for joy through the read. It is a book that we can guarantee you will not read once. It is a perfect story of love, hope and complete Obedience to God. You will find it at any bookshop closest to you.

9. God’s Generals by Robert Liardon

This is a book that will challenge your heart and will help you see how much God can do in the lives of men that are willing. There are four volumes of remarkable stories about reformers, healing evangelists and other men who in their days wrought great things by the name of Jesus. It is also the story of martyrdom and the payment of the ultimate price by certain men. It will inspire both faith and love in your heart. It is a great lesson in church history for all believers.


10. Love Not The World by Watchman Nee

A very short but powerful book. Watchman nee examines and discusses the need for Christians to set their priority on things above throughout their stay on earth. It is a revelation filled book that will help shift our perspectives concerning the things of the world.