10 Ideas on how to Spend Your Valentine Day

It’s February again, and that can only mean one thing, Valentine Day!

Valentine day is a day dedicated to love and romance, it is a great day to show your loved ones how much you care about them. It is said that an average Nigerian man or woman is unromantic, well with the way the country is no one can fault them. I read a story on IG about how a woman wanted to surprise her husband who was coming back from his work trip, she lit candles and all but they ended up fighting because he thought the whole preparation wasn’t for him, in truth most Nigerians just want money, all they think about is work and out to get by, so there is little time for love and romance, Valentine day is a day that propels people to love and appreciate those around them. Since we are already a week into February and it falls on a Thursday (Working day) with election on the very next day, choices on what do to are minimal but I bet everyone is searching for ideas on what to do on this day and how to make their loved ones special so we’ll get right down to the list.

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1. Plan a surprise

This is for couples who live far from each other or can’t be together on that day. There are people called surprise planners now. All you need to do is give them money depending on how big you want the surprise to be and they will plan the best surprise you can think of.

2. Plan a couple tour

If there is a place you or your significant other have been wanting to go, now is the time! Take a day road trip especially if you planning to vote, take plenty of food and drinks, go sight seeing and just generally have fun, but note that going to more than two places might be hard to achieve because of traffic, so it’s important to start early!

3. Family game night

This is usually for families who are just planning to stay indoors. Its very cheap and convenient, all you need is food, drinks, music and a variety of fun games to choose from. Examples are video games, card games, Monopoly, Scrabble and so many others, to spice things up you can add an incentive for the winner. Sounds like so much fun.

4. Expensive dinner date

Everyone loves an expensive date, now the venue could be a private beach, a luxury restaurant or hotel, a yacht, or anywhere that smells like money. This is always a win win. You can choose to surprise your significant other by having someone else bring them to the venue, it just adds a lot of fun to it and to crown it, you can decide to hire a band to set the mood. Short tip: if it’s going to be a restaurant, sit at the table with the best view.

5. Watch the sunset

Although most Nigerians don’t have the chill for this, watching the sun set can be really relaxing, so if you’re one of those who appreciates the small things in life and watching the sunset with your partner is on your bucket list, now is the time to check it off. I hear there is a place where you can do this at Lekki called the Sailors Lounge, reviews have shown that it’s very beautiful and affordable, so you can try it out.


Love: A key part of the New Life
Love in the New Life


6. Go paintballing

Paintballing is fast becoming popular in Lagos. This is for a group of couples or friends who want to experience great trill, fun and bonding. It’s an excellent way of showing how much of a good team player you are. One of the best place to visit for paintballing is the Ultimate Paintball Arena in Magodo.

7. Avoid Assuming

People make the mistake of thinking Valentine day is only about couples and romance, it’s also about self-love, whether you’re single or not, you can decide to stay home and reflect or do the things that love, see a movie, get yourself something you have been wanting, write a song, read a book, write 20 reasons why love yourself and just focus on the good stuff.

8. Outdoor movies

A private picnic especially if you’re going to set up a mini cinema is a bit difficult to pull off but it’s achievable, new and definitely worth it. All you will be needing is a serene environment, a laptop,speakers, an outdoor projector, tarpaulin or white bed sheet for screen, outdoor camping mats for two, pillows for extra comfort, scenting candles enough to light up the whole place, plenty of food and drinks. Check here on how to set it up.

9. Recreate your first date

This can be useful in reminding your partner of what propelled your love; how it was when you first met. Take him or her the place you had your first date. If you remember or still have what you wore on that day, you could wear it and have a nice dinner while reminiscing on how it was before the hustle got real.

9. Go to a karaoke bar

some believe stress can be released through singing, and what’s the best way to do that and have fun? Karaoke.




1. Money

Honestly if you’re trying to score points with anyone right now just package something substantial and give them or ask them to send their account number. Trust me it’s the next best sentence after “I love you”.

2. Valentine hamper gifts

This is like a collection of things to get, cupcakes, perfumes, wrist watch, lingerie and so on. The price of the package will be determined by what’s in the hamper

3. Ticket to the movies

Two tickets to see the latest movie.

4. PlayStation 4

Most men don’t loose their inner child, they love when their able to chill at home and play video games. I think this would score ladies a big point.

5. Foot wears

Getting the latest foot wear your partner desires is another way to score points.I hope I’ve been able to help a little, so get down to planning and make sure to be creative about it.

Happy Valentine day!