Lucifer – The Good or Bad Devil

Lucifer is a fantasy movie of the devil tired of his long and endless stay in hell. He abandons his throne and takes a long trip to earth with his most trusted demon, Mazikeen.

On earth, Lucifer meets and falls in love with a human detective. He struggles with his past,  his tyrant father (God) and his growing humanity. The movie was released in 2016 and has caused many controversies among Christian folks.

One Christian says: “You shouldn’t watch a movie glorifying the devil. It’s bad! What kind of Christian are you?” Another “The anti-Christ has taken over the entertainment industry finally. Protect your kids and your mind!”

These comments are minute to the many troubling ones stemming from the church and its leaders. Although I understand their fears, I strongly believe it’s uncalled for.

Lucifer, the movie

What Makes Lucifer, the Movie Unchristian?

The Glorification of the devil. According to many Christian folks, the Movie Lucifer is used as a tool to exalt the devil and his cohorts. Though I see where this belief is stemming from, it’s untrue.

At the beginning of the show, many Christians hoped for a theology lesson. They wanted to see the devil being painted as the greatest villain of all time to the glorification of God. Imagine their surprise when they found out the show was more about the struggles of Lucifer and his rift with his father (God). I was surprised too but in a fascinating way. How the storyline was more of a reflection of our lives as humans, seeking balance, love and forgiveness.

Myth buster:

The devil depicted in Lucifer is faux. Untrue and greatly far from what the Bible portrays. It’s just like comparing the law shows – Suits and others. – with the real action in court. Though there can be some similarities, but it’s still fictitious. No one has lived with the devil, or seen him walk the earth. We only know him based on his description in the Bible which is far from what was depicted in the movie.

In real sense:

Lucifer was not glorified. The actual representation is that we are set up to mourn his wasted potential and cheer as he comes closer to the light of God. We are led to identify with his human side and to remind ourselves that healing comes from us forgiving ourselves.

Problem #2

Another problem many Christians have with the series was God’s supposed manipulations. “How dare they talk about God being manipulative?” For one, a picture of a pained Lucifer had to be painted. It is important that people understand the core of Lucifer’s pain is self-loath. Hence, we had to be taken on a journey of blame-game before the final realization that his problems stemmed from himself and not an external force.

Remember, there are lots of people who think this way about God. bringing up the notion of a manipulative God and giving an answer to it, helps people understand the underlining theme of Redemption.

I can’t definitely summarize a 4 season show here, but I can tell you this, “Lucifer is one HELL of a movie”. Its twist – the idea of the devil seeking redemption, love and acceptance.

Lucifer - The Good or Bad Devil

What Christians Can Learn from Lucifer

If you were in LA (or in this case Lagos) and you met a human as bad as the devil, would you be obliged to love and try to redeem the person? Where would you draw the line between trying to redeem someone and playing into their villainy? Lucifer, the show will help Christians who struggle with unbelieving friends/family to make the right choice. It will help you understand the difference between being a saviour (Christian) and an enabler.

It’s also worth noting that a large number of people watch this show for entertainment purpose only. The motive is comical, laugh your butt off and drink water. Just as Christians can watch/read Harry Potter and be entertained.

Bottom Line

Would I advise you to watch the series? Yes, I would. Am I a bad Christian? No, I am not. The show Lucifer is more about redemption than the actual devil. I personally think Lucifer Morningstar is a metaphor for the worst human. No matter what you have done there is still hope for forgiveness and love.

The dialogue and interactions of the characters are interesting. But not compelling or strong enough to genuinely affect your faith. Have a good time, enjoy the show, learn one or two things about forgiving yourself and others, learn about giving people second chances, because God gave you, and move on.

What do you think about Netflix’ Lucifer? Do you have a different perspective? Or you really don’t care about any perspective? Share your opinion.

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