TGA BEST 5: A New Dawn for Christian Fashion

The Gospel Arena is your one-stop for roundtable insights on various issues including FASHION, humour, lifestyle and everything Christian. We are Jesus’ babies a holy nation and fashion lovers. We have decided to rebrand fashion in Jesus name via #TGABEST5.

What is TGA BEST 5?

#TGABest5 is our version of fashion meets God. It’s aimed at bringing Christians together through fashion, and help believers express their personal style, love and faith.

Why should You be a Part of #TGABEST5?

  • Interaction with likeminded people – believers, fashion lovers and Christian influencers.
  • The top 5 participants will have an interview session with us which will be featured on our blog.
  • Promotion of participant’s social media page and exposure of your brand to the world.
  • Possible interaction with international brands.

How Do You Join the TGA BEST 5?

  • You must be following @tgablog on all social media platforms.
  • Use the hashtag #TGABest5 when posting pictures of your church outfits. Also, tag @tgablog when posting. Your entry will be reposted.
  • Get as many of your friends to follow @tgablog and to like and engage with your entry.
  • The highest engagement will be announced every Fridays.

Who Do We Need On-board?

Christians! If you believe in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, you should join our fashion movement.

Bottom Line

We see Jesus in everything. We understand the need to place Jesus at the centre of everything – this includes fashion. In simpler terms, we are bridging the gap between Christianity and style, we implore you to join us as we start an evolution of godly fashion.









Soladoye Alaba

Soladoye loves stories - telling them and listening to them. She tells stories about brands, people, God and the not so cool things about life. Let's connect @official_doye and tell more stories together.