7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Christian Lover | Male and Female

Valentine’s Day gifts are a common tradition during valentine’s day. We see several individuals around the world poring over gift packages and pondering on what gift is best for their lover and spouse.

If you are a Christian, after deciding to celebrate Valentine’s Day (This can cause a serious dilemma in many Christian relationships), the next step is how to celebrate it in a godly manner. This can be a tad more difficult task if you are not yet married

We understand this and that is why we have done some pondering for you and decided that the following gifts are some of the best gifts to get for your Christian Lover.

General Valentine Gift

1. Buy your Partner a Hamper with a Hand Written Card

This first gift idea is rather cost-effective and portrays all the sweetness and romance in the world. This idea will be especially lovely if you make a hamper the first thing that he/she gets in the morning. Then, the card is delivered at work or is rendered as a performance by you.  There is no pattern to what words should be on the card, but it should be statements from your heart that genuinely express all that you are feeling. This should be easy!

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2. Take Your Lover on a Date

Take your partner out for a nice dinner or picnic. Spend the entire day in parks, zoos or cinemas. Play games and do something silly. Put your phone on flight mode throughout the day and quality spend time with your partner. Time is one of the best gifts that you can give any individual. When the time is well spent full of lovely memories and conversations, it is one of the most romantic gestures that exist. An upside to this gift is that you don’t have to spend so much.

3. Add to Your Partners Wardrobe

Get her a dress! Get him a watch! This is another way to celebrate the love of your life. It is a great Valentine’s day gift. Take a look at nice accessories that your partner loves to put on. From shoes to necklaces and get them something new to add to their wardrobe. Your partner will always remember you when they put it on and when they are complimented for it.

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the Lady

1. Flowers and Candy Never Get Old!

You could present this seeming cliché gifts in such a way that your loved one would be blown away, and in a way that will impress any good Christian. Be innovative with the way you present your gift.

Hint: Personalize everything! Also, try not to pick roses, except it fits her nature. Look for flowers that fit who she is and tell her the nature and story of the flower and why you picked it.

2. Music For Your Lady

Yeah! You heard right, music. There are very few people who don’t love music and there is nobody that hates music performed or composed just for them. Before you skip this idea because you can’t sing or play an instrument, remember that you could hire a band and be a part of the band. The gesture of composing all the songs and trying hard (Even when you are apparently failing) to sing will melt any heart. Record it, she will watch it and smile for days to come.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

1. Invest Money into His Favourite Hobby

He is your partner and he certainly has a hobby. It could be golf, games, reading, swimming or any other thing. Do a little research about his favourite player, the latest games, his favourite author, things along these lines. Then get him something that has to do with this. You could get him the shirt of his favourite football star, a new video game or a new pad. You could get him all the latest series from his favourite author.

This shows that you know him, love him and support all that he does. Besides, next time he’s performing his hobby, his thoughts will always drift back to you. That is good right? You could also invest time into his favourite hobby – offer to watch the game with him or play a game against him. Decide to read the book with him or even to him.

2. Perhaps the greatest gift of all for your Christian lover – Prayer

In life we all need direction, and for a Christian direction and words from God are deeply treasured. So take some minutes out and pray for your lover with the aim of receiving words and direction from God for them. Then on Valentine’s day after all the other gifts or before all the other gift ( The order doesn’t really matter), tell your partner what God wants them do and all the promises of God for them for the month or year.

This is an inestimable Valentine’s day gift. It helps your spouse with direction, strength and consequently, it helps you. If your partner is on the right path in God, it definitely has an effect on you. Besides, it shows an investment of time and the fact that you are most committed.

So, Yeah! Perhaps the greatest Valentine’s day gift for your Christian lover are words from God whispered lovingly into his ears or her ears. Money cannot buy this one.

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Personalize your love for the other

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A personalized  Valentine’s day gift that resonates deeply with the uniqueness of your partner is the best. We have given you a list of some of the things that you could get for your lover. But this list is in no way a complete guide. It is only, in fact, to serve as a guideline and a template for the ultimate principle when it comes to gifts and lovers. Make it personal. If she deeply loves to read, don’t get her flowers; get her a collection of all her favourite authors.

Have a beautiful Valentine’s day, happy gift hunting!