Top 10 Gospel Music Blogs in Nigeria You Should Visit

Don’t we all love good music and especially when they are gospel ones and can bless us. Gospel Music blogs in Nigeria are your plugs. 

Gospel Music is a genre of Christian Music that is composed and performed for many purposes. The reasons range from religious purposes to ceremonial purposes. Every Christian in the world loves some form of gospel music and we have thousands of crowds at various Gospel concerts. Gospel Music Blogs worldwide are great sources for getting access to this amazing genre of music.

This is why we have taken the time to list some of the best blogs you can visit for your favorite gospel songs and videos. Here are some of the Gospel Music Blogs in Nigeria that you should check out today: 

GospelMusic Blogs in Nigeria


This is a website that focuses on spreading the gospel primarily through gospel entertainment. The blog is dedicated to spreading Christian songs all over the country and the world. On this blog, there are several songs that will strengthen your heart and lift your soul. The blog features several songs from a very wide range of Gospel Singers. You will find the most popular stars and the newest ones.

2. Gospel Hotspot

Another blog that you can get some of the best Christian music from is Gospel Hotspot. This Blog ranks here because of the ease of access and navigation. The scope of good music that you will find is amazing. Are you a Christian in search of some of the best music in Nigeria, then you should take a detour to this blog.

Top Gospel Music Blogs in Nigeria
Joy from Gospel songs

3. Xclusive Gospel

This is a very popular Gospel Music blog. Right from the homepage, you begin to see rows and rows of gospel Music. There is virtually no Gospel Music, no matter how recent or ancient that is not on the site The blog is easy to navigate and you can always search for your favorite artiste. Xclusive gospel is also remarkable for the speed with which songs can be uploaded and downloaded from the blog. We recommend this blog as one of the top music blogs in Nigeria. Give it a visit and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Top Gospel Music Blogs in Nigeria


4. The Gospel Arena

Okay, this blog has to make our list. Very rich playlist that is almost inexhaustible.  This is the music blog to go-to for all music lovers. You will find all your favorites here; you will also find new favorites here. The blog is

well arranged and you should have no problem navigating the website. Another reason why this blog is one of our favorites is because of its constant stream of new music. You will find a new song or more added to the already massive library every day.

5. Amen Radio

This is an internet Gospel Radio station that has a mission of broadcasting gospel music to all its listeners.  You will get some of the most amazing new Gospel artistes on this platform, including their videos and commentaries about them. Listeners will assure you of great quality and frequently updated libraries. There is a new upload so frequently, you will find it hard to exhaust the library.

Amen Radio is definitely a top Gospel Music Blog.

Five More Top Gospel Music Blogs in Nigeria

6. GospelMinds

From the most popular, to the hottest,  to the latest, you will find all the forms of Gospel Music on this website. It is easy to navigate and access and has a well-arranged layout. The blog is rich in its music selection. You will find the older singers and the newer ones. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are, as long as it is Gospel, you won’t be disappointed.

7. GospelNaija

This is another top gospel music blog in Nigeria. The blog features a very broad range of Gospel Music, including Videos. It also makes provision for promotion and adverts on the blog. The blog is regularly updated and so you are sure to find some of the latest songs on this blog. Gospel Naija is packed with some of the best Gospel songs from anywhere in the world. It is definitely one of the top Gospel Music Blogs in Nigeria.

8. Jesusful

A very colorful blog that is easy to navigate and access. This is a blog that you want to spend your time on, in order to go through their wealthy bank of songs. Jesusful is filled to the brim with songs and more are added every day. The blog even takes time to delineate songs according to countries so that you can easily find Nigerian songs or Hillsong. This means that you shouldn’t come here just to search for just Nigerian artists. The music library has much more to offer

If you are hungry for gospel songs, visit here and you will be filled. It is definitely a top gospel music blog in Nigeria

9. Daily Gospel Vibe

A great name for a great blog. The blog is rich in gospel songs and offers other features such as promotions and sponsored posts. You can search for all your favorite artiste on this website and listen to their songs. Like all the blogs that we recommend, the Daily Gospel Vibe is very easy to navigate and access. A visit to this blog promises to be highly rewarding.


A deep and rich Christian Music Library that contains some of your best songs and videos.  It is easy to navigate and access and you should spend some time exploring it. We also love the colorfulness of the website and the amazing depth of its music library. It is one of the top Gospel Music Blogs in Nigeria.

In Conclusion

Gospel Music is a powerful genre of music and from these blogs, you can get to listen to some of the most amazing ones from all the best singers in the world. They are Nigerian blogs, and while they have Nigerian Gospel Songs you can find some of the best foreign Christian Music.