“Bible Has The Authority” — Ex Muslim Scholar as She Accepts Jesus

Ex Muslim scholar who accepted Jesus Christ and became a born again, reveals that the Bible has the authority.  She stated that the Bible is more superior to the Quran, and has the authority over the Quran street preachers.

The scholar shared that the bible is pure and never corrupted because Jesus is the good news. She also said Muslims are insecure due to the doctrine impacted by Mohammed which makes them believe that they aren’t loved by any other religion.

Having grown up in a Muslim home, the new convert stated that she was taught from six years old that Islam is their religion and constitution. This doctrine has been brewed in the mentality of the Muslim from a tender age.

According to the scholar, she said as she grew older she became curious to know more about the Quran. And as a lover of psychology, she made further research on the Quran which made her realize that it was a man-made book. Reinstating her opinion that the Quran is a Muslim constitution which governs them.

Bible Has the Authority: Watch the video below:

Note, this is not the first Muslim to convert into Christianity.