Over 20,000 Christians Baptized in River Jordan

Last weekend over 20,000 Christians baptized in the River Jordan . They were baptized in the same the spot where John the Baptist had baptised Jesus and where Elijah had ascended to heaven.

christian baptized

The Christian pilgrim and tourist had ceremonies that were done throughout last Saturday. It was said that Saturdays at the Qasr al-Yahud baptismal site on the Jordan River is one of the holy days for over 20,000 believers to be baptized and declare their faith in Christ Jesus.

Since January, 5 Christian movements had held their baptismal ceremonies at the river and more Christians like Coptic and Armenian would also be holding their baptismal event there soon this month.

Lieutenant Colonel Eran Gross, believes the visitations of tourist and activities of the Christian pilgrim flocking to the venue had brought great civilization and promotion to the environment as well as the preservation and freedom of religion.

He said;

“The Civil Administration put much effort to prepare for these important ceremonies as part of its program to preserve freedom of religion and worship for all Christian denominations. Thanks to the ceremonies, we see a marked rise in tourism alongside a boost to the economy, for which I am thankful. On this occasion, I would like to wish all members of the Christian community happy holidays”.

christians baptized

President Reuven Rivlin assured Christian leaders that he would be opening the Monastery which is not far from the baptismal site. The Monastery is a 250-acre area, that remains off-limit to the Christian pilgrim as a result of the land mines it has been laced with. He said Israel will finish clearing the landmines this year.

He said;

“We are about to finish clearing all the mines from the Land of the Monasteries at the very beginning of the coming year. already the number of Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land is increasing each year. just this year, close to 900,000 pilgrims visited the lands of monasteries. We are working hard to complete the development of the entire area by the end of 2020.” 

Last week, we reported that  Liverpool Star, Roberto Firmino Baptise was baptized in his swimming pool. Seems like it’s the season for Christians Baptized.