Top Christian Events You Shouldn’t Miss in 2020

Every year there are several programs to be attended and many times, it is impossible to attend all, and so we try to select the “unmissable”.Christian events bound in their number

However, here are 10 Christian events or programs that you should take time out to attend this year:

1. Holy Ghost Congress

The Redeemed Christain Church always hosts this amazing program, every year. The program is characterized by soul-lifting worship, jubilant praise, and insightful word sessions. The encounter with God is a certainty and if you have never been to Redemption Camp, the beauty, size, and serenity of the camp is definitely a great side attraction. This takes place every December

A massive attendance at a Christian events
Christian Events

2. Experience

This is, without doubt, the biggest Christian worship concert in the world, and it features all the major voices in Christian music. From the likes of Don Moen to Hillsong, Experience definitely guarantees awesome music and worship. You do not want to miss this event. It takes place in December every year and it is hosted by The House on the Rock Ministries of Pastor Paul Aderfarasehin

3. Finest Worship

This is another massive concert held in Ile-Ife by God’s Love Tabernacle. 10,000 people in one arena dancing, singing, and worshipping are always the experience. Explosive miracles and testimonies are also recorded at this event. It takes place in December every year. This is a Christian event that you will definitely enjoy.

The Holy Ghost Convention: A Christian Event
Crowds at Christian Event

4. Calvin Symposium on Worship

This conference brings together a large number of musicians, pastors, theologians, and worship leaders for a time of praise, worship, teaching and connecting. Whether you have a ministry or not, this program is a time of refreshing for any believer. This Year’s is scheduled for the 30th of January till the 1st of February.

5. Shiloh

This explosive program hosted by the living faith church is a great one to attend. A Christian event filled with prophetic utterances, insightful teachings, and amazing worship. The amazing structure and buildings in canan land is also something that you want to see. Shiloh usually holds in December, so reserve a space on your calendar

6. Bethel Prophetic Conference

The conference, scheduled to hold the 19th– 21st of February is aimed at equipping individuals with all the tools necessary for them to hear God themselves, have intimacy with him, and influence and enact his will in their sphere of influence. This Christian event is one that you should be at if you can, and you might need to hurry a  people are registering fastCrowds at Christian Event

7. EGFM Believers Convention

The Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministries always bring together several churches within and without Lagos for a time of word and worship. Reverend Kayode Oyegoke, alongside several other ministers, takes seven days to teach and exhort believers in the way of Christ. It takes place in August every year

8. KCM Believers Convention

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries organizes its annual conference on the 3rd – 8th August. With some of the biggest ministers of the word lined up to minister, this is a Christian event you do not want to miss. Insightful teachings and impactful worship sessions are also guaranteed

9. Love Life Women Conference

Joyce Meyer Ministries invites every woman to a period of peace and refreshing in the presence of God. It held on the 17th and 18th of September. Joyce Meyer invites you to simply take a deep breath in a worship filled atmosphere

10. Kenneth Hagin Camp Ministries

Yes! They still hold every year. Papa Hagin ministries still wax strong and have camp meetings every year. Insightful word sessions, healings, worship, and prayer. It is a Christian event you don’t want to miss. It holds from the 23rd – 28th of July.

Did any of your  favourite Christian event miss the Top 10 list? Let us know in the comment session.