Nathaniel Bassey Clears the Air on Canada Saga | Watch Video Here

Nigerian Popular Gospel Singer, Nathaniel Bassey, shared on his Instagram that relocating to another country doesn’t guarantee your success unless it is proposed by God.

The Gospel Artist said it’s important to listen to God when making decisions. If He doesn’t want you to relocate to another country you should move to the country, but if you don’t heed to his word then you are disobeying God which will amount to living outside of his will and plans for your life.

nathaniel bassey

Nathaniel’s statement on social media cause lots of fracas in Nigeria. To clear the air, Nathaniel Bassey, made a video stating most relocation had caused broken homes. He further explained that most people traveled and become successful, while some return back home with nothing because they couldn’t make it in another country like others.

He said these mistakes occur due to people following trends and refusing to listen to the voice of God before making such decisions.

Watch video of Nathaniel Bassey advice below: