Police Arrest Redemption Camp Thieves

Ogun state police arrest Redemption camp thieves who stole 7 cars in Redemption Camp Ogun State.

Suspects were identified as Onyekachi Atama and Friday Ezi, have been put in custody by the Ogun State police force after stealing seven cars at the redemption camp during ongoing programs.

One of the suspects named Ezi was traced to Edo State and has confessed his crime, revealing the location of his accomplice Atama, a motor part dealer at motor parts at Onisha, who was also later arrested in Onisha, Anambra state.

Police Arrest Redemption Camp Thieves

It was noted that the culprits were exposed by a lady called Titilayo Otitodogbon, whose Toyota Camry car was stolen on February 1, 2020.

Atama confessed that he receives stolen vehicles from Ezi, after transactions he dismantles them and sells the parts of the vehicles to customers.