Corona Virus: Psalm 91 Protection Policy on Every Christians who Pays Tithe – New Zealand Pastor

Senior Pastor of Destiny Church New Zealand, Pastor Brian Tamaki, says that Spirit filled, bible believing and tithe paying Christians, are protected against corona virus by the psalm 91 protection policy.

He said the protection from the Coronavirus in psalm 91 is on the Christians who pay their tithes regularly. But the wrath of God comes in “epidemics pestilence and famine”, which will always affect people who have departed from the faith of God.

''Psalm 91 Protection Policy on Every Christians Who Pays Tithe'' - New Zealand Pastor

“This latest corona virus is a little round thing like a tennis ball with little spikes. It has to get to the lungs this one. It’s what makes it so dangerous. Gets on the lungs and then begins to mutate the cells in your lungs and eats it away, OK. No problems. It’s a bit like the last one they had, it was the SARS, were all related to the respiratory system.

“You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday,” he said, reading from Psalm 91. “We needn’t fear it. There is a lot of hysteria that has been engendered by certain elements about this pandemic,” he said

Tamaki said the virus moves around in the air, under the control of “satanic spirits” that energizes the spread to humans. But Christians are covered by the psalm 91 protection policy from the Almighty and can never be affected by the virus.

“The prince of the power of the air, Satan, has control of atmospheres unless you’re a blood-bought born-again, Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, Holy Ghost-filled, tithe-paying believer. You are the only one that can walk through atmospheres and has a, literally a protection — the Psalm 91 protection policy around you,” Tamaki said. “I don’t care if you don’t believe it. It’s all right. I’m just giving you so you understand.

''Psalm 91 Protection Policy on Every Christians Who Pays Tithe'' - New Zealand Pastor

Meanwhile, Rev. Helen Jacobi, Vicar at Central Auckland st Mathew-in-the-city, urged the people of New Zealand to debunk Tamaki’s advice saying it is “incredibly unsafe”.

“People should be following public health advice. I think it is very dangerous and wrong for any public leader to contravene that. Certainly in the Anglican Church, we have been sharing the message to follow public health advice, and we follow it in our own gatherings. It is also quite offensive, saying his followers are safe and no-one else, which is the absolute opposite of the Christian belief,” she said.

Rev Helen, went on to challenge the psalm 91 bible verse picked by Tamaki, saying it was used by the devil to test “Jesus Christ”.

“It is very amusing he has chosen that psalm that was used by ‘the devil’ to test Jesus,” Jacobi said.