Seminary Students Abducted by Gunmen Have Been Identified.

The Catholic Church shares the identities  of the four seminary students  kidnapped by gunmen in Kano State, Nigeria.


The church identified the students as Pius Kanwai (19), Peter Umenukor  (23), Stephen Amos  (23) and Michael  Nnadi (18).

seminary students


Sources conformed that gunmen had broken through the fence of the students  quarters at Good Shepard Major Seminary Quarters. There laptops, phones and other valuables were stolen before the abduction of  the seminary students. The 4 seminary students kidnapped were said to be  studying for Priesthood as first year students of Philosophy.


The family of the students had been contacted but no ransom has been requested from them so far. Our prayers go to the students abducted and their family members. We pray that the Lord God keep them safe and return them home unharmed.