Pastor Chris Oyakhilolme’s Opinion about Women

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder and senior pastor of Christ Embassy church divides the internet. In an old teaching which recently surfaced online the pastor stated that women are not part of God’s original creation plan.

Oyakhilome talked about women being made for man and not Gods original idea. He backed it up with the Bible. He also stated that in a marriage, the man is not the “male partner” but rather he is the “master”.

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He further explained that when a woman stops pleasing her husband and does not listen to him, he stops seeing her as a wife. Rather he sees her as his mother or sister and he does not need that anymore because he has one already. In his words, “a man loves the one he serves and serves him

Reacting to the sermon, lots of men agreed to his teachings and a large amount of women have demanded answers to what a woman is if the husband is the master. Some have also questioned why he did not use his power as the master to save his marriage save his marriage.

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See what #pastor Chris has to say about Husbands and Wives. What are your thoughts?

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