A lady proposal?! Gone are the days when it was family feud on whether a girl child should be literate or not. At a time, it was the debate on whether a woman should own a car or not. The first female driver paved the way for others to follow. At a time, it was a serious religious, moral, social hot topic on whether females can wear trousers or not. Well, the answers are not far-fetched.

At a time too, it was almost blasting on radio and TV shows and even Marriage seminars on whether a new Bride is meant to work after Marriage or keep at Housewife duties, the answer is not missing anymore. Now that it is a new era of thinking with a much better approach to issues, is there any reason to point fingers at or lash insulting words at a woman who takes a bold daring step to ask the man that wins her heart best to marry.

What if the guy is taking too long a time and the lady is ready in all sense of it.  Or Is she wary of doing wife duties while still zoned as a girlfriend? Maybe the guy is rather the shy one and may be puzzled on how to propose to his lady who doesn’t mind?

What if she has the scenario planned in her head and the guy is just not pulling the right strings together to make it what she exactly wants?

What if?…..

Who knows?….

Yes! What if it is a whole lot more reasons than this page can take?

It is so quick to see videos jeering at the females who have dared to do the asking. It is even a worse mockery scene for the Ones who get a No after all, just because the men think it is rather absurd that it is a switch of roles. Who then defined the role of ”who is asking who, Will you marry me?” in the first place?!

Some relationships have not moved past ‘I love you Baby’ to ‘Mr& Mrs.’ just because the proposal scene has not taken place. Just as in the traditional “Who will bell the cat?” story, the drive-home point here is, why can’t the young lady go down on one knee?

Is it because the society frowns at it? Or the Bible says so?  It will seem as if the lady is in a rush? Because of what?! Because what o?!!