There is a lot of controversies going on around the church this month especially on whether it’s biblical to bring in your first fruit of the year to church. For people who don’t know about the first fruit offering, first fruit literally means offering the first agricultural produce of the harvest, it was often a primary source of income to maintain the religious leaders and the church. Now it is said that it means to appropriately mark a portion of the produce of a field as belonging to God.

Checking the Bible, there are lots of verses that talked about the first fruit offering and it was mostly referred to as agricultural produce – (Wheat, barley oil…) – in the Old Testament, it was a form of giving but it was used differently in the New Testament.

Now there are different opinions about giving the first fruit offering to the church. The controversial OAP and the leader of the Free the sheeple movement says taking your January salaries as your first fruits to the church is downright sinful and foolish. In his words ” collecting the salaries of your congregation in January is fraud! Stop this unchristian practice that creates slavery and poverty”. Omotola Jalade – Ekehinde also revealed that she was hearing about giving first fruit for the fist time and was shocked how people would take their first fruit to church, while some would swear that it’s a thing of joy, some even said they would rather give it to homeless people than take it to church

There are so many unanswered questions around this issue, because for one a larger percentage of people don’t farm, are we now to say that giving money depicts the real meaning of the first fruit offering or it’s just another hate directed at the church leaders.