Marlian: Should The Church Allow its Youths be Defined with Naira Marley

The first marlian

Are you a Marlian? That has become a rather popular question today.

The meteoric rise of Naira Marley within the Nigerian entertainment sphere as ensured that several young Nigerian find it a necessity to identify themselves with the musician.

However, the church has reacted negatively to the rise to the popularity of the artiste, with several churches and ministers coming out to publicly decry Naira Marley and state emphatically that a believer cannot be a Marlian.

This article will be contributing to the ongoing battle line between the church and Naira marley and see if perhaps there is a middle line.

Marlian Naira marley

Can a Christian be a Marlian?

The first question, that we will answer in this battle is: Can a Christian youth be a Marlian? and our answer is that Christian youths should not be  Marlians. The question that asks “can” is a rather wrong question, because the youth, can decide to do anything and as such a Christian youth can be a Marlian. The question is not whether he has the ability but whether he should exercise such ability. A Christian Youth should not be a Marlian because the values that define Marlians are not values that are consistent with the values that are known among Christians. A Marlian is supposed to have No Mannaz, among several rather crass ideologies that a youth who is to be the light of the world should not be found having, and for this singular reason, A Christian Youths should not be a Marlian.

Another reason is that Naira Marley releases songs that are very crass, sexually charged and abusive and full of words that are vulgar. A Christian should not be found in the company of any of such things, the Bible enjoins believers to speak softly and speak words that edify, not profane things and Naira Marley seems to be King of saying such words. Lastly, a Christian should not be a Marlian because of the vices that Naira Marley promotes through his songs, such as internet fraud. Naira Marley has helped to glorify this vice among other vices and it would amount to glorify such vice if a believer is found with being a Marlian and an ardent supporter of Naira Marley.

Marlians: Zanku
Zanku: The Naira Marley Dance

Should we then Crucify a Marlian?

However, the question then arises, are believers then supposed to condemn Naira Markey and all that belongs to him, should we stand against him so openly since we cannot or rather should not associate or identify ourselves with him. Our answer to this is not going to be a yes or no answer, because the question contains two rather peculiar answers.

Firstly, it is good that the church makes it clear that it doesn’t accept the values and vices of marlians and that it doesn’t encourage its youth to be associated with the term marlians. At the same time, criticizing and hating or condemning all that call themselves margin, is not the best response to the issue.

Marlians on the roll

Jesus teaches us to love all men. So, even if we don’t support Marlian vices and values, we need not hate Marlians themselves or look down on them for being Marlians. This is never the attribute of Jesus. We saw him sitting with sinners and eating with tax collectors. You see why we had to answer the question subtlety.

Our answer is love Marlians but doesn’t love the things that make a Marlian. It is important to note that because we have stated that Marlians should not be on the other side of out hate, it does not translate into making Marlians our friends. The Bible makes it clear that evil communication corrupts good manners and so having a Marlian as your best friend is a very dangerous action that could result in you becoming a Marlian yourself and we have already dealt with all the reasons why a Christian should not be a Marlian

The Church and Naira Marley are at loggerheads and it is very easy to see why; they exalt different values, however, the church must be careful not to make the mistake of ex-communication Marlians, because we are supposed to love all and it is only by love that we can reach out to them.

Bottom Line

We conclude with this defining scripture that we should all reflect on as believers as we consider the Naira Marley conundrum: Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.M